KNOMO London Albion Backpack review: So much leather, comfort, and pockets

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TA-ratings-95Backpacks are widely used for school students, business folks, or people who just need to lug around stuff to keep their hands free, etc. Popular backpacks today are ones for tech users who are going to a convention or event and need to carry around two laptops, possibly a camera and attachments, phones, cables, and power packs. That’s where the KNOMO London Albion backpack can help you out. It is able to carry up to a 15-inch laptop, an iPad, phones, cables, and more. It’s not your normal tech backpack that has a charging pouch built in, but it has the look of beauty and can still do the same things a tech backpack can do. Let’s dive into this KNOMO London Albion review to see how great this backpack is and why it earns a Techaeris Top Pick for 2017.


  • Grain Leather
  • Fits up to a 15″ laptop
  • Weight: 2.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 17″ x 15″ x 5.5″

What’s in the Box

  • KNOMO London Albion backpack


When you look at the backpack, it looks pretty normal for everyday use and that’s what KNOMO was going for with this design. Leather covers the entire backpack from front to part of the back and the straps. There’s only one zipper pocket on the front, but once opened, it has a pretty good amount of open space and two sleeves that can hold some in ear headphones or a charging cable. To give you an idea about how big the sleeve is, it was able to hold my EasyAcc power bank in a vertical position giving just enough room to close the front pouch. The back has some nice feeling cushioned mesh material to give you some comfort when lugging the backpack around all day. The back of the straps is a different type of material, but still gives you a comfortable feeling if you have a laptop and other things inside.

Lots of internal pockets for storage.

Now for the inside of the backpack. When unzipping it you’ll already start to see a lot of compartments where you can put anything and just about everything in there. Before I start with where things go in the compartments, you will notice a patch with a KNOMO ID that will allow you to register your backpack to KNOMO. Alright, moving on. The two main compartments are where you can fit up to a 15-inch laptop (used my 13-inch MacBook Air/Surface Pro 2017) and a tablet of your choice (used iPad Air 2). Both electronics fit just fine, so if you plan on putting a big book from school in the backpack too, it’ll fit just fine. Two compartments are padded in front of the tablet section allowing you to put an extra phone or power back or even index cards if you’d like and still have a little bit of wiggle room to stuff anything more in there. I had three TV remotes from work in one of the two compartments and they held in place just fine.

On the opposite side are even more places to put business cards or pens or the like, but there isn’t as much going on like the other side. If you are one for handing out your business cards, there are two slots open that can hold up to about 10 cards each. On the other side of the card holder, you can have up to two pens or a stylus for your tablet. The last but not least pocket is connected to the card/pen slots and it can store another power bank if need be,  sunglasses, headphones like I did, etc.

Padded mesh on the back keeps things comfortable.


I haven’t dropped this backpack yet because I’m too afraid, but if there ever is an incident that it is dropped, the electronic items in the bag should be able to sustain a short drop. Everything else will be a okay.

If you buy anything that’s premium leather, you know to take care of it so it’ll keep its shine and great looks, so the Albion backpack is going to work the same way. A kit doesn’t come with the backpack by default, but you can always go to your local store and purchase one yourself.  KNOMO does warn that the color of this product may transfer to other objects. They suggest that you avoid making contact with light colored surfaces. I did not see any coloring on my stuff, but it’s nice of them to warn you so you can be careful with your other belongings.


Backpacks have a wide price range going from $10 to $300 plus but not all will have what you’re looking for if you plan on putting a lot of stuff in them. KNOMO has priced the Albion at $199, which may seem like a lot, but you’re getting what you paid for. Premium grain leather with numerous different slots to carry just about everything if you’re going on a trip or to school/work. As of writing this review, the price is currently $159.20 in brown or $99.50 for the black leather which is an even better deal.

Wrap Up

I know the price is probably going to be your main concern like any other high-end backpack, but KNOMO does a wonderful job with the quality of the backpack all around. The leather is a nice touch and the mesh makes it easier to carry a lot of items in the bag without causing too much discomfort. There are so many pockets in here that I don’t even use all of them, but it’s nice to know they’re there in case I go on a trip out of town. I very much enjoyed reviewing this backpack and use it every day for work.

Last Updated on August 17, 2017.

KNOMO London Albion Backpack

$199 USD







Nailed it

  • Nice design
  • Loads of space
  • Lightweight

Needs work

  • Price
  • Keeping it clean with a leather kit
KNOMO London Albion FI Top Pick

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