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Sure you’ve got Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and more to choose from when it comes to streaming music. There’s no question that music accompanies us along most of our daily routines. Unfortunately, a lot of time that can mean different family members sitting around listening to their own preferred music in their rooms or on headphones. Electric Jukebox, a music entertainment company, is hoping that their new ROXI entertainment hub will have families spending more time together enjoying music with its various features.

ROXI utilizes the ROXI Hub which plugs into your TV and streams music over Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Using a gesture-based controller with voice control functionality, you can Sing with the Stars, play Name that Tune, or listen to 29 million songs or just about any radio station in the world. ROXI includes a 1-year Premium Music Pass and can be renewed for $52USD for the second year.

The ROXI Controller and Hub in red. Blue and charcoal are also available.

Features of ROXI include:

  • ROXI: ROXI is the first dedicated all-in-one music entertainment experience designed for the family home, featuring Unlimited Music, karaoke-style Sing With The Stars, music games including Name That Tune, Worldwide Radio and whole host of family focused features.
  • ROXI Hub: Transform your TV and the best speakers in your home into the ultimate music entertainment experience with the ROXI Hub. The Hub takes just two minutes to set up and streams over 170 years of music via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection.
  • ROXI Controller: A gesture based controller with a built-in microphone for voice search and singing along to your favourite karaoke anthems.
  • 1-year Premium Music Pass: Unlike its rivals, ROXI comes with 1 year’s unlimited ad-free streaming access to the full library of 29 million songs and 3 million albums, plus all the features provided by ROXI. Second year Premium Music Pass comes at a staggering and highly competitive $52/year.
  • Unlimited Music: ROXI gets your home rocking with unlimited access to 29 million songs and 3 million albums from all the major labels and independents, updated with the current every week.  Featuring hundreds of playlists from the Electric Jukebox Curation Team and celebrity curators Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon and Stephen Fry, ROXI gives you music for every mood from party playlists to kid’s classics. You can even tailor your listening experience with your own playlists and favorites.
  • Sing with the Stars: Turn your living room into a stage and sing your heart out to thousands of iconic anthems from all your favourite artists. Find family fame and become the rock star of your living room with the ROXI unique controller’s built-in microphone and on-screen lyrics.
  • Worldwide Radio: With unlimited access to virtually every radio station on the planet, ROXI lets you tune into a whole world of music. With local favourites and genre-specific stations highlighted for easy access and enjoyment, it’s got all the radio stations you’ll ever need.
  • Name That Tune: Quench your thirst for music trivia with ROXI’s music games to keep everyone in the home entertained. ’Name That Tune’ tests your knowledge across 80’s, 90’s, rock, pop, classical, kids and more. Games for everyone from music experts to children and everyone in between.
  • Sound Machine: For families looking for something more tranquil, ROXI comes with its own Sound Machine which plays a range of relaxing melodies perfect for yoga and meditation, as well as therapeutic sounds such as rain and white noise to help baby sleep.
  • Family Protect: ROXI lets you switch off access to explicit lyrics at the touch of a button to protect your family.
  • Photo Frame: ROXI can set your Facebook photo albums to music, and ROXI’s themed visualisers can turn your TV screen into a beautiful picture frame. 

As you can see, there’s definitely plenty of features to have some family fun centered around music entertainment. While it’s not an on-the-go music streaming option, it sure sounds like a fun alternative for turning your living room or family room into a fun music hub.

The ROXI entertainment hub is now on sale from and major online and Main Street retailers with an MSRP of $199USD.

What do you think about ROXI? Check out the full press release below and let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


ROXI, the new radical approach to home music entertainment, from Electric Jukebox, launches today

“Music at home should be for sharing, not headphone wearing”

  • Electric Jukebox launches family friendly alternative to Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Sonos style music streaming
  • ROXI uniquely offers family entertainment features missing from traditional streaming products
  • Get more bang for your buck with Unlimited Music, “Sing with the Stars” karaoke-style, music trivia games, Worldwide Radio and more
  • ROXI turns the family TV into the ultimate music entertainment hub in just two minutes
  • Includes Wii-style microphone controller, 1-year premium music pass and connects to your favourite speakers in the home
  • ROXI on sale from and major online and Main Street retailers from 18 August at SRP $199.

18, August 2017 – New York – Electric Jukebox, the innovative upstart music entertainment brand today launches a new product ROXI, which is set to revolutionise family music entertainment in the home. ROXI serves up an exciting mix of music entertainment in one fun and easy-to-use device. Unlike traditional music streaming, it enables friends and family to listen, sing and play together, powering the experience through the TV and the best speakers in the home.

Electric Jukebox is launching ROXI in response to the growing need for families to have more quality family time together, due to their rising use of personal devices and headphones which are isolating and dividing families, as shown by independent research published today:

  • Kids spend a staggering average of 39.5 hours a week isolated on their mobiles, tablets and games consoles, which is more than 2.5 times what they spend conversing with their parents
  • 72% of parents now worry that their kids are missing out on family time by spending too much time on personal devices

  • 67% of parents wish the family would listen to more music together

  • 92% of parents have tried to persuade their kids to spend less time on their personal devices

  • 97% of parents think music could bring their families closer together

Electric Jukebox’s mission is to counter this trend by helping families live better lives together through high-quality shared music entertainment product, content and experiences.

ROXI by Electric Jukebox does more than just music. Whilst families can access millions of tracks like any other premium streaming service, its uniqueness comes from the ability to rock any home with Sing with the Stars, a karaoke singalong, keep families guessing with music trivia in Name that Tune and offer unlimited access to thousands of radio stations from across the world. Not to mention, there are playlists from the Electric Jukebox Curation Team, which includes celebrity curators Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Alicia Dixon and Stephen Fry.

For those families looking for something more tranquil, ROXI by Electric Jukebox has Sound Machine, which includes yoga and meditation melodies, therapeutic sounds such as rain and the ever-popular white noise to help baby sleep.

“I love Electric Jukebox ROXI because it brings people together,” said nine times Grammy award-winner and Electric Jukebox Curator, Sheryl Crow. “Listening to music and sharing those experiences together is what life’s all about. With headphones and mobiles, we’ve somehow lost all that. ROXI plugs into your TV and turns it into a jukebox with all the music you want, played out loud in your home for you to listen, sing and play together. Simple, fun and no fuss.”

“Our research shows children today spend more than 2.5 times as much time with their iPhones, iPads and PlayStations, as they do conversing with their loving parents. ROXI signifies a step-change as we look to turn the TV into the modern fireplace and bring millions of American families together through the shared joy of music. It’s time for music sharing, not headphone wearing”.

ROXI on sale from and major online and Main Street retailers from 18 August at SRP $199.

*Research carried out in July 2017 by CensusWide for Electric Jukebox. Sample: 2,000 US families – with children under 14 years old.

Last Updated on August 19, 2017.


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