Help this man pay his costs for putting a headphone jack on an iPhone 7

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The drama of the headphone jack just won’t die. Even with more manufacturers removing the headphone jack, many people refuse to accept that. Including Scotty from the YouTube channel Strange Parts. You probably know Scotty best from his viral video in which he made his own iPhone from parts purchased all around China. Yes, it worked! Now Scotty is back and this time he’s trying to ADD a headphone jack to his iPhone 7. Yes, there have been other, not very serious, attempts on YouTube to do this. But Scotty actually succeeded.

The kick in the you-know-what here is that Scotty spent a crap ton of money to actually get that headphone jack into the iPhone 7. Probably more than it would be worth for anyone in their right mind to spend. So this is where Scotty needs your help. Watch his YouTube video below, because he’s going to need all the views he can get to pay for the cost it took to modify his iPhone 7. Check out the full project below.

We certainly do applaud the man for being resourceful, intelligent, and talented but can’t imagine anyone else would put that much effort into this. Apple will continue to leave the headphone jack off of its phones and we think Samsung will eventually follow. We certainly can’t argue that wired sound is better than wireless. But wireless seems to be the route smartphones are taking and the majority of users are not audiophiles and are pretty satisfied with the latest wireless technology. Either way, that was a pretty fun project, so help the man out and don’t skip through the ads and watch the whole video.

What did you think of Scotty’s project? What do you think of headphone jacks? Would you try this? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on September 8, 2017.

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