Infographic: The 14 game franchises that are the most expensive to follow

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Like any other hobby, gaming can become very expensive very quickly. Not only do you invest money into the hardware but the software as well. Game franchises are a major investment for many gamers. Take game franchises such as MarioPokémon and Grand Theft Auto who continually build their reach through new games and rabid fans. And even newer game franchises can cash in on their popularity, just look at Overwatch and Destiny.

The folks over at NetEntStalker have drafted up a new infographic to showcase 14 franchises that are the most expensive to follow. It’s pretty mind-boggling how much many of us throw at these franchises but it’s really no different than any other hobby.

Here are the top 5 most expensive game franchises to follow:

Madden NFL

  • Total Investment/Cost: $4,502USD
  • Number of core title games: 32
  • Lifetime in years: 29
  • Minimum number consoles required: 8

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Total Investment/Cost: $3,308USD
  • Number of core title games: 31
  • Lifetime in years: 26
  • Minimum number consoles required: 7

The Legend of Zelda

  • Total Investment/Cost: $3,053USD
  • Number of core title games: 19
  • Lifetime in years: 31
  • Minimum number consoles required: 10

Need for Speed

  • Total Investment/Cost: $3,005USD
  • Number of core title games: 21
  • Lifetime in years: 23
  • Minimum number consoles required: 5

Super Mario

  • Total Investment/Cost: $2,853USD
  • Number of core title games: 22
  • Lifetime in years: 32
  • Minimum number consoles required: 9

NetEntStalker’s Methodology

Overall, NetEntStalker’s research has revealed the true cost of following a game franchise to be in the thousands of dollars for 14 of the most popular series in the gaming world. For each game, we found the minimum number of consoles required in order to play the game at release. For each of these consoles, we found the cost at launch and incorporated that into the total price. For the total cost of a franchise, we added the total cost of the core games (based on average retail price) to the total cost of the minimum consoles required.

What do you think of the full infographic below? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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