Here are five common web design mistakes to avoid in 2017


Your business can stand out among your online competitors by having an excellent web design. You can set up a website for your company and establish your presence on the web by hiring reliable professional web designers in your area.

Unfortunately, not all web designers can make an effective website that highlights the proper branding that you want for your company. There are some common mistakes that even experienced web designers are also prone to committing. And they must be fixed early on to attract more traffic and increase customer retention. Here are five common web design mistakes you need to avoid in 2017.

Complicated user interface and web navigation

Having a complicated user interface or a site full of confusing links is not what users want. Web designers should focus on making the interface and navigation simple rather than making it a dump of confusing links that open up unnecessary web pages. Adding a navigation menu bar and the most relevant contents on the home page can help users explore your site with ease.

Inefficient search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO makes your website accessible and visible through search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, or Safari. Having an effective SEO improves the chances that your site will be visible on the top page of search engine results. Without employing proper SEO techniques, your site can drastically fall behind your competitors. What’s the point of having the best web content when your site is not even visible in search engines? Spend time familiarizing yourself with common SEO techniques to make sure your site is visible on the web.


Not having a mobile-friendly approach

More users browse the web using their handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets due to their convenience. Smaller screens of these devices do not allow all the contents of the web page to be viewed completely. Some important contents might be ignored since the visitors will not be able to scroll through the entire web page. To avoid these instances, web designers must employ an effective web design exclusively for mobile phones.

Visuals over user experience

A common mistake made by web designers is that they focus on the visuals rather than on user experience. Some web designers choose to focus on color schemes, unnecessary animations, high-quality photos, or overly-designed fonts. While these are important to make your website unique, they should not be an excuse to sacrifice the functionality of your site. Having a lot of complicated animations and visuals can also lead to slower loading time. Focus on what matters to the users: a simple interface with an effective navigation system.

Not using analytics

Analytics allows the web designers to track the visitors’ behaviors on a website. It tells you which pages are most visited, which promotions and ads are most effective, and lets you see other interactions of the users with your site. It is also a way to measure how effective the site is, and how the web designers can further improve it. Several websites consistently check the analytics and optimize their websites based on the visitor’s actions and behavior on the site. This is the only way to ensure that your site constantly improves on a consumer’s standpoint.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.

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