Research claims Samsung expected to cash in through iPhone X sales

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According to researchers, Samsung could be earning around $4 billion USD from iPhone X sales. The company has always been a supplier for Apple but the iPhone X has one particular part that’s pretty important, the OLED screen. Samsung parts also include the NAND flash memory chips inside the new iPhone X so your shiny new iPhone shares its lineage with Samsung phones. iPhone X sales are expected to start on November 3 (pre-orders on October 27th).

Counterpoint expects Apple will sell 130 million iPhone X units, earning Samsung $110 on each through the summer of 2019, while Galaxy S8’s global sales are expected to be 50 million, earning Samsung $202 each from components such as displays and chips in its first 20 months of sales, according to estimates based on a projected bill of materials. The Counterpoint analysis includes parts sales from Samsung Electronics plus two Samsung affiliates that make batteries and capacitors.

Samsung and Apple have had an interesting relationship over the years, love/hate is an understatement. It seems both companies need each other while at the same time are trying to beat each other at every turn.

At meetings, Samsung executives are known to tell attendees who pull out iPhones: “It’s OK. They’re our best client,” according to people familiar with the matter.

Samsung employees often refer to Apple with code names. One of the most popular is “LO,” short for “Lovely Opponent,” people familiar with the matter said. Apple’s descriptor for Samsung, meanwhile, is Samsung, according to people with knowledge of the situation. Employees at the iPhone maker are often critical of its rival’s devices, pointing out software and hardware flaws behind closed doors.

The fact that Samsung is projected to make $4 billion USD off of iPhone X sales should bring a smile to many Samsung fans. That revenue can go back into making Samsung phones that much better.

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Last Updated on October 2, 2017.

iPhone X sales

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