California may be looking to phase out gas-powered vehicles soon


Shortly after Governor Jerry Brown raised gas prices by 12 cents a gallon, the California Air Resources Board wants to pass new measures that would increase electric cars and phase out gas-powered cars. Gas prices aren’t likely to drop and California has a goal to cut down on pollution and greenhouse gases. The Air Resources Board could mandate that 40% of all new cars sold must be electric by the year 2030 — a pretty aggressive goal spread over 13 years.

One challenge California will face is the infrastructure for electric vehicles. More charging stations will have to be constructed as they’re already at capacity. KCRA reports that electric vehicles parked at Sacramento City Hall need to be moved every four hours because of the lack of charging stations.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find charging stations,” Wise said. “We all fight for spots at times and try to do our best to move in and out so that other people can charge.”

California is looking to provide incentives that could help foster the growth of charging stations but it’s going to be a big task. It seems most drivers in the state are willing to go electric but there are some who simply need the power of a gas-powered vehicle.

“I have a Toyota Prius but I cannot pull a trailer,” Yelets said. When it comes to hauling, Yelets said his Prius was “like a bicycle.” “Electrical vehicles are okay, but not that powerful. I have a diesel truck that’s more powerful,” he explained.

As electric vehicle technology continues to mature we’re certain problems such as pulling capacity will be solved. It’s important to note that while California is seeking to get as many EVs on the road as possible, a ban on gas-power is unlikely.

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Last Updated on October 3, 2017.


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