Thrifter and Techaeris partner to bring you the best deals on the internet

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Working together to help stretch your dollars and bring you the best deals on the internet.

What is going on everyone? We’re making a fairly big announcement to our readers and fans. Starting very soon, we will be partnering with Thrifter to bring you some of the best deals on the internet. Thrifter is a daily deals website, and by partnering with them we will be able to access their vast array of deals. The goal of this partnership is two-fold. First, we want to find the best deals to help you stretch your dollars and save money. Second, running Techaeris costs money, and since we hate obtrusive ads, we think this is a good alternative for bringing in some revenue.

The Thrifter team and Techaeris both respect our audiences and will only be sharing deals we would jump on ourselves. Please read some of the Thrifter team’s mission statement below:

Thrifter provides advice and tools to help you make the best purchase decisions with the resources you have, whether that’s a little or a lot!

Being a Thrifter isn’t about being dirt cheap and never spending money on things you want – it’s about making sure when you do spend money that your hard-earned dollars are stretching as far they can. We think wasting money is stupid and we want to empower aspiring Thrifters to have the money-saving knowledge they need so they can enjoy the confidence that comes with being on top of financial matters in your daily life or business.

So be sure to watch for Thrifter deal posts coming soon, and be sure to click the links and use the Techaeris post as a portal. Using our post as a portal will earn revenue for Techaeris and help support this website. We appreciate all of your support over the years and we hope you can help us make this partnership a success! Stay tuned for some amazing deals!

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