Five features to look for when purchasing your dash cam


Years ago, having a dash cam was considered a luxury. There didn’t seem to be much point to attaching a camera at the front of cars to record what’s happening outside. But now, more and more car owners see the importance of having a dash cam.

Dashboard cameras can record when an accident happens, and the footage can be used as evidence when insurance needs to be claimed. Some footage can also identify suspects in crimes that happened, and there is even some interesting and funny footage recorded through a dashcam that has gone viral.

While there are those who use their smartphones as dashboard cameras, it would still be advisable to purchase a dash cam as your recording device for your car. Because smartphones are not tailor-made for the purpose of being dashboard cameras, being exposed to sunlight too much may cause damage, etc.

If you’ve never bought a dash cam before, look at the list below for the important features that you need to find in the dashboard camera you will purchase.

1. Built-in display

This feature is so that it would be more convenient for owners. With a built-in screen, they would not need to connect the dash cam to a computer in order to review the footage that was recorded on the memory card.

2. Looping feature

You want to get a dashboard camera that just records over old video footage automatically. That way you don’t have to delete that footage manually, which can take up a lot of time. To make it more convenient, you can look for a dash cam that has a sensor that can detect if you have gotten into an accident. These dash cams will record the footage and save it and make sure it will not be recorded over.

3. High-quality night recording

Accidents can happen anytime, so you want to ensure that your camera will record properly even during night time. While it is understandable that it would be difficult to find a dash cam that has a very clear night vision camera, ask around and look for reviews on the best dash cam that could provide a good, clear view during night time.

4. Automatic recording

You would want to get a dashboard camera that automatically starts recording once you’ve started the car. There are many drivers who are not used to having a camera, and if you don’t have one that automatically records and you’ve forgotten to turn it on, then it defeats the purpose of having a camera.

5. Parking mode

This ensures that even when the car is not being used, the camera will keep recording any footage. This is great as some accidents or crimes happen even when the car is parked. You just need to make sure that either your dash cam has an internal battery, although that would not ensure that the camera will keep running for a long time. It would be better to get a dash cam that is wired to the car’s power.

If you want to see the options you have for the best dashboard camera, go to this site for reviews on the best dashboard cameras available in the market today.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.

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