Five things to look for when hiring data center support services


In the United States, the average age of a data center is estimated to be just a little less than 20 years old. Most of them are housed in outdated facilities with low-power density systems, lower energy efficiency, as well as decreased overall productivity. In the present times, wherein computer technologies evolve much more rapidly than ever, being just a couple of steps behind your competitors could mean massive negative consequences to your business. That is why investing in a reliable and high-density data center is considered to be one of the integral aspects of maintaining a stable, adaptive, and continuously growing company.

Many business owners tend to overlook the benefits of hiring an excellent data support service provider. Besides helping your business run smoothly and improving data security, they can also help you increase the equipment life cycle and reduce your company’s carbon footprint by making your facilities more energy efficient. Data center service providers offer different services including technical consultation, IT outsourcing, training, application services, data center relocation services, and more. To help your company reach its maximum potential, you can read more about the five things to look for when hiring data center support services below.

1. Modern Technology

First and foremost, you must check everything in the contract offered to you by the data center service provider. Not many of them can provide up to 10 kW per cabinet of power density, so they end up either using more space or consuming more energy to cool a cramped facility – both of which adds up to the regular operational expenses of your business. Also check the connectivity within and between data centers, primarily on the aspects of speed, redundancy, and overall costs. Fiber technology, high bandwidth capacity, and reliable connectivity are just some things that you should look for.

2. Certificate of Compliance

Other than the service provider’s track record, you should be able to verify their tier certification from the Uptime Institute, an organization which evaluates the performance, reliability, and efficiency of business infrastructure all over the world. An auditing standard such as SSAE 16 and support for third-party audits without additional charges should also be considered before choosing your service provider.

3. High Physical Security

Protection of your physical assets should be one of the most important things to be taken into account when looking for a data center service provider. Your checklist should include the following at the minimum: onsite security personnel, highly-secure doors, video surveillance system, access controls, structural reinforcements, and documentation of security procedures.

4. Financial Stability

Switching service providers on a short-term basis could be very costly for your business. Check the financial stability of a data center support provider and verify whether they are capable of continuing their business for five years or more. You may analyze their press releases, financial reports, and history to give you an idea of their present status.

5. Reliability of Support Services

The reliability of the services should also be one of your priorities. Support services should be accessible almost 100% of the time. You may also check if the staff hold certifications of their respective specializations. On-site support must be readily available at all times, and customer feedback should be addressed accordingly.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.

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