DJI demos AeroScope — a “drone license plate” — as well as Knowledge Quiz for new pilots

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AeroScope is designed to work with DJI drones, but it can be enabled on other manufacturer’s drones without any changes to their hardware.

DJI is one of the largest drone manufacturers in the world, and they are obviously happy that pilots purchase and trust their products. They’ve also been at the forefront of ensuring that their products, and drones in general, are used in a safe and responsible manner. Today, DJI introduced AeroScope and a Knowledge Quiz as ways to keep drone operators safe, and provide a “drone license plate” for authorities when necessary.

DJI AeroScope, portable version

AeroScope is probably the bigger news here, as it provides law enforcement a way to gather some pertinent information about a drone operator simply from the drone that they’re flying. DJI was quick to point out that this is not a system for tracking and monitoring all drone flights, but will allow for any problematic or inappropriate flight paths to be tracked. DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs Brendan Schulman stated:

AeroScope is designed to meet authorities’ legitimate needs concerning safety, security and privacy while also respecting the rights of people and businesses who use drones. DJI’s solution provides the information authorities need, while ensuring that flight data is only collected on the small number of drone flights that could raise concerns. The overwhelming majority of drone flights are safe, responsible, and uneventful, and we believe there is no reason for them to be centrally tracked and recorded nationwide. We also want to make sure that remote identification solutions are not burdensome or costly for our customers.

DJI’s goal here was to create a system that will highlight drones that require attention while allowing the vast majority of safe and responsible drone operators to continue to fly safely and responsibly. AeroScope is designed to work with DJI drones, but the company says that it can be enabled on other manufacturer’s drones without any changes to their hardware. AeroScope will be available in either a fixed-site or portable version.

DJI’s Knowledge Quiz is another way in which the company hopes to educate drone pilots before they start to fly their drones. The Knowledge Quiz is a series of nine questions that must be answered before their first flight. The quiz will come through on the DJI GO 4 app, which runs on the smartphones and tablets that connect to the drone remote controls.

DJI Knowledge Quiz screenshots

Pilots must answer nine questions correctly before they’re able to fly their drones. They can continue to answer new questions until they successfully pass the quiz. DJI worked with the FAA on the questions that will be asked in this quiz. The update will be rolling out to the DJI GO 4 app in the US over the next few days. DJI will be rolling the quiz out to other countries after working with their applicable agencies to ensure that the questions fit the laws and guidelines of those respective countries.

What do you think about AeroScope and the Knowledge Quiz? Are these effective tools for keeping drone flights safe and within the law? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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