Verizon adds 1080p and higher video playback to its unlimited plan


A few months ago Verizon up and changed their unlimited plans by splitting them into two different tiers when it came to video streaming quality. The more affordable plan ($75) gave you up to 480p video streaming while the next plan up offered up ($85) to 720p video streaming and tablets received up to 1080p quality. Now, Verizon will let you pay an extra $10 a month per line to remove all restrictions and let you watch any video quality that your mobile device supports, so with that new Galaxy Note8 you picked up, you’ll be able to watch up to 1440p videos or up to 4K on other devices that support it.

Compared to the competition out there who also offer unlimited data plans, Verizon does have the advantage when it comes to streaming quality. ATT has a $90 plan with video streaming, but you’ll be stuck at HD quality. T-Mobile is the same way, HD quality but for the price of $80. As for Sprint, $60 will get you 1080p right off the bat but if you want to go up to a higher resolution, you will be paying an extra $10.

An extra $10 per line isn’t too bad, but at the same time, it can add up eventually even if you don’t mind paying funds to watch videos to the max resolution your device can go to. The new plan will be available starting November 3rd.

So, what do you guys think about Verizon allowing customers to play videos at any resolution for an extra $10 per line? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on October 27, 2017.


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