Some AT&T customers have had their iPhone X pre-order canceled

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The days of standing in long lines to buy an iPhone are pretty much done. While there are some that still do this, most people turn to online pre-orders these days. On that note, iPhone X pre-order morning was a madhouse for all carriers and Apple as well. The iPhone X pre-order window opened at 12:01PST on October, 27th. According to Apple, iPhone X demand was “off the charts” and pre-orders went fast.

Now, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that some AT&T customers are having their iPhone X pre-order canceled. Many of these customers are upset because they spent hours with AT&T ordering the phone only to be told the order was canceled.

“I stayed up to pre-order an iPhone X, created a new account with AT&T, and was confirmed to receive the phone Nov 3,” wrote a commenter on Friday who used the handle atandtwhy. “Today around noon, I received an email telling me the order was canceled. I called into AT&T and first was told the sale department can’t help, so I need to call the e-commerce department, then the e-commerce department told me I had to go to a store, then the store manager told me it’s because they ‘couldn’t contact me for a few days’, which is not possible as I did this last night, and he told me to call customer service.”

Another account of the iPhone X pre-order blues comes from a user named, therunaround123:

“This morning, I checked myATT status order just to make sure that no mishaps has happened. Lo and behold, I see my order status as CANCELED. I did not receive any email regarding the cancellation and the order status provided little to no reasoning as to why my order was canceled. I called customer service to get the matter straightened out. First customer service agent spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my order was canceled. I was placed on hold multiple times, going back and forth, ensuring that it is being looked at by a manager. After being on hold for 20 minutes, my call was ended. I waited 10-15 minutes for the customer representative to call me back, but no call back.”

For its part, AT&T seems to have given an explanation to users as to why their orders are being canceled and it has to do with identity confirmation. One user was sent this message from AT&T:


We couldn’t confirm your identity with the information you gave us, so we had to cancel your order. Don’t worry. If there was a hold on your card, we’ll release the funds soon.

Still want to order? Visit us at an AT&T store. Be sure to bring your identification.

Thanks for choosing us,

So there’s going to be plenty of sad AT&T customers who are likely going to have to wait more than a few weeks to get their hands on an iPhone X.

Were you one of these customers? What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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