Thieves make off with 313 iPhone X smartphones from UPS truck

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Chances are you’re going to see a UPS truck or two driving around in your neighborhood today. Chances are at least some of those UPS trucks have iPhone X smartphones in the back of them. One such UPS truck in San Francisco happened to have 313 iPhone X devices in the back of it. Now those iPhones are missing. The driver of the truck left the truck, locking it as he left, to make another delivery and returned to find he had been robbed.

The incident took place Wednesday in broad daylight between 11:15 am and 11:30 am outside the Stonestown Galleria mall. The suspects were described as “husky” men wearing hoodies driving a white Dodge van. The total value of the stolen iPhone X’s is $370,000USD.

Police say they believe the thieves were tracking the truck and knew what they were looking for. “Given the dollar value in the incident itself it appears it was planned,” said SFPD Captain Rick Yick. UPS and Apple are working with police on the investigation. Each phone that was stolen had its IMEI serial number catalogued along with a description.

iPhone delivery week has to be a stressful time for UPS drivers as demand for the phones is always high. This year, the iPhone X is drawing a lot of attention. Making it an even more prime target for thieves. This is the only incident we’ve heard about and we hope we don’t hear of any others. I’d also advise if you’re having your iPhone delivered today. Make sure your home or have someone watching for delivery. There are always instances of people having packages snatched off their front porch and today, in particular, you should be careful.

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Last Updated on November 3, 2017.

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