Brevitē Hadley Scout review: A multi-functional backpack for all your tech gear


TA-ratings-83We’ve discussed the importance of a good backpack for tech and photography geeks in the past. While we’ve reviewed several great options, not all of them are for everyone. That’s why there’s the Brevitē Hadley Scout multi-functional backpack. The Brevitē Hadley Scout is yet another option on the market for us tech geeks to carry our wares around in style. I’ve used large bulky packs that are perfect for carrying the max amount of gear. I’ve also used super lightweight backpacks that allow for just the bare minimums. The Brevitē Hadley Scout is trying to find the balance between the two in a lightweight and versatile configuration. Read on for the full Brevitē Hadley Scout review to find out if the company hit the mark.


The Brevitē Hadley Scout has the following features and specifications:

  • Weatherproof
  • Modular
  • Durable build
  • 15″ laptop pocket
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy access pockets
  • Side compression straps for tripods and other large gear
  • Padded straps and back panel
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Weather sealed interior
  • Weather sealed YKK Zippers
  • 600D & 1000D nylon
  • Volume: 16L
  • Weight: 1.3lbs (just below 2.5lbs with insert)
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 11″ x 5.5

What’s In The Box

  • Brevitē Hadley Scout
  • Camera insert
Different ways of using these packs.


Before we kick off this portion of the review, I should stress that the backpack sent to me was a prototype sample. The company did advise me that some features were not complete but the overall experience should remain similar.

The first thing I noticed about the Brevitē Hadley Scout is the material. It’s an odd thing because from a distance it looks like leather. Upon closer inspection, you can see it’s some sort of canvas or polyester material with a slight sheen giving it the look of leather. It’s a nice material that’s extremely light but feels rugged and protective.

That extremely light weight is the second thing you notice. It weighs just 1.3lbs without the insert and really feels like nothing, as backpacks go. The insert adds to the weight, bringing it up to just below 2.5lbs. The insert looks very different than the backpack in terms of materials. You can tell this is a canvas type material, no optical illusions here. It weighs nearly as much as the backpack and has very strong nylon handles and everything is just tight.

The front of the Brevitē Hadley Scout has a few things going on. First, it has the “discreet” pocket towards the top of the pack. I’m guessing they’re calling it that because the zips are sort of hidden from sight, it’s not obvious there’s a pocket there. It’s great for your passport, drivers license, cash, and credit cards. Directly in front, you have a nice zipped pocket you can slide your hand into which is great for documents, passports, anything you want to get to quickly but need to have zipped away.

Just below that, you have a flap pocket that’s secured with magnets. This just flips up and down for even easier access than the pocket above it. This is a nice spot for headphones, gum, candy, business cards, pretty much things you need quickly that aren’t needing much security.

Both sides of the Brevitē Hadley Scout have water bottle holders as well as straps for holding things like tripods and longer items. All of the straps and buckles are made from high-quality plastics and nylon. The zippers on the prototype were plain zippers but the company says YKK zippers will be standard on all packs.

On top of the Brevitē Hadley Scout, you have the zipper to the main compartment. All of the zippers on this backpack are sewn in a way to keep water out. The prototype was missing this feature but production models will have this protection. There’s also a brilliant nylon handle that snaps together in case you want to carry your backpack like a briefcase.

Around the back of the Brevitē Hadley Scout, you have the padded back and shoulder straps. I thought the shoulder straps could have used more padding and could have been wider and thicker. While the backpack offers decent support it’s one of the things I think should be improved. Also missing is a chest strap, chest straps do an amazing job of keeping the weight centered on long walks. It would have been nice to see that here. You can also access the main compartment from the back since the whole back panel unzips.

Jumping inside of the pack you’ll find a nice padded back sleeve for your 15″ laptop, a slim newer laptop. I didn’t have one to test with, but if you have an older fatter 15″ laptop, it may not fit. There’s little else going on inside the pack as that is what the insert is for. If you want extra storage inside, the insert provides that.

The insert comes with some padded dividers, perfect for throwing a camera and maybe two lenses (depending on size) into it. Simply put the insert into the pack and you can access it from top or bottom and it protects your gear really well. You can also use the insert as a stand-alone carrying bag for quick trips and minimal gear transport.

Overall, this is a decent design for minimal gear movement. It’s a lightweight pack and has a good build quality. The shoulder straps could be beefier and there should absolutely be a chest strap. But the Brevitē Hadley Scout does live up to its minimal use case, I may be asking for too much.

commuter backpack
Looks like leather at first glance.


With the weather sealing properties and zippers, this pack should offer up great protection from wet weather conditions. The padding inside the laptop sleeve is good and will protect your laptop well. The padding overall is a bit weak without the insert. So I wouldn’t throw anything you don’t want breaking in the empty shell, the insert is recommended. With the insert in place, you have great protection, it’s well padded and well built.


This is a Kickstarter project that is fully funded. The super early bird pricing was $150USD but those are sold out. The next available tier is $175USD and that is a bit pricey. The expected retail price of the pack is $220USD and I’m not sure everyone is going to pay that much for this pack. The super early bird price is far more reasonable and maybe the company will sell them at $150USD once it’s finally released.

Wrap Up

I like the Brevitē Hadley Scout but I can’t say run out and get it right now. It does what it does well but there are some areas it could be better especially for the price they’re asking. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a very lightweight and minimal backpack for a quick day trip that can hold some of your gear, well the Brevitē Hadley Scout does that. The company does have two other backpack options on their Kickstarter and you can check out their infographic below for more details and then hit the Kickstarter link in the review box.

Hadley Scout
More options
*We were sent a prototype sample of the Brevitē Hadley Scout for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 4, 2017.

Brevitē Hadley Scout

$175 USD







Nailed it

  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Nice looking design
  • Protects well
  • Well built
  • Love the fake leather look

Needs work

  • A little on the pricey side
  • Shoulder straps could use more padding
  • No chest strap
Hadley Scout

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