YouTube vows to clean up YouTube and YouTube Kids

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YouTube and YouTube Kids have a problem and Google is attempting to address it. The problem is very questionable content masquerading as content for children. YouTube and YouTube Kids have an algorithm that is supposed to filter out adult content. While it isn’t perfect, it does catch most content not suitable for children. Now users are finding that some YouTube content creators have figured out how to beat that algorithm. This is resulting in perverse content being consumed by millions of children, content most parents would object to.

YouTube is finally responding and promising to “toughening our approach to protect families.” Johanna Wright, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube outlined five ways the company will be trying to make things better.

Across the board, we have scaled up resources to ensure that thousands of people are working around the clock to monitor, review and make the right decisions across our ads and content policies. These latest enforcement changes will take shape over the weeks and months ahead as we work to tackle this evolving challenge. We’re wholly committed to addressing these issues and will continue to invest the engineering and human resources needed to get it right. As a parent and as a leader in this organization, I’m determined that we do.

  • Tougher application of our Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology
  • Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families
  • Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors
  • Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content
  • Engaging and learning from experts

While the company is working out these obvious problems, it may be a good idea to police what your kids are watching — not a bad practice in any case. This content often looks innocent in the thumbnail and description then escalates midway through the video. Hopefully, YouTube can get better control of this type of perverse content targeting children. You can read Ms. Wright’s full outline of the changes at the link below.

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Last Updated on November 25, 2017.

YouTube Kids

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