Cleer DU wireless headphones review: Great sound, awesome value

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TA-ratings-90Headphones have become almost a necessity in our modern, tech-filled world. We use them for a wide variety of purposes, from watching videos and movies to listening to music. We want our headphones to sound great, function properly, be comfortable and look stylish as well. The Cleer DU wireless headphones are hoping to fit all your needs and then some. Can the DU wireless headphones rise above the competition to become your go-to headphones?  Read on for the full review of the Cleer DU wireless headphones.


  • Dual 40mm neodymium drivers
  • Internal amplifier
  • Folding alloy construction
  • Soft touch earpads and headband
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Pairs with compatible NFC audio devices
  • Built-in aptX and AAC support
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 20 hours playback
  • In-line remote

What’s In The Box

  • Cleer DU wireless headphones
  • Hard carrying case
  • Audio cable with universal in-line remote
  • USB charging cable


The Cleer DU wireless headphones have a rather futuristic look with their angled and contoured sliders. The earphones are black with contrasting red foam on the ear pad and headband. The right and left sides are clearly marked with an R and an L on both the headband and on the speaker mesh. As someone who has recently started relying on reading glasses, I appreciate the clear markings on the headphones. The markings are not visible when the headphones are being worn.

The headphones have an alloy construction which gives them an overall feeling of quality. The sliders adjust easily, and the foam on the ear pads and headband keep things comfortable even after many hours of wearing them. The right can house’s the charging port and a battery level indicator. You can find the audio jack input along with the power and volume buttons on the left can. Cleer DU is stamped on the sliders, and there is a large C on the outer surface of each of the cans. The Cleer DU headphones fold up for convenient storage in the included black hard case.

Cleer DU wireless headphones
The modern look of the Cleer DU wireless headphones.

Ease Of Use

To pair the Cleer DU wireless headphones, simply turn them on and hold the power button until you hear “pairing mode.” Next, you simply go to your devices Bluetooth list and choose the Cleer DU from the list. The next time you turn on the headphones, they will connect to the last device you had connected. Setup was simple and quick; you should not encounter difficulties. There is also the option to connect your device with NFC should you need that.  You may also connect them with the supplied audio cable.

The buttons on the left can manage your music and your calls. There is a volume up/music forward button, a volume down/back button and a power/multi-function button. The power/MFB button is used to power the headphones on and off, answer/end/reject calls and play/pause music. All the individual functions are laid out very well in the owners manual and are rather simple once mastered, but you will likely hit the wrong button more than once while learning the layout. The Cleer DU wireless headphones also fold for easy storage in the included carrying case.


The sound of the Cleer DU wireless headphones leans a bit to the bass side of things. You can feel the bass pounding, but it’s not headache inducing at normal volume levels. The mids are clear, and the highs cut through it all nicely. Everything has a full, rich sound that is very pleasant for listening.

I found that even at the maximum volume the sound the headphones put out was very comfortable. The Cleer DU seem a bit quieter than most headphones I have tested. I mostly listened to them at about the 60%-70% volume mark. Listening at 50% was just a bit too quiet for my taste, and I’m not one who likes my music loud.

Reception/Call quality

The call quality of the Cleer DU wireless headphones was a mixed bag. The person I called sounded great to me, they came through loud and clear on the headphones. On the other side of the call, they did say that I sounded a bit distant, but they were still able to hear me well enough to have a conversation. I do not like taking calls on headphones regardless of how well it works, but it is a nice feature to have regardless.

The Bluetooth reception was fine; I only lost connection when I would go from one level of my home to another. As long as I was on the same level as the source, the headphones stayed connected. I also tested the connection outside with the device stationary and in my back pocket. There were a few times that I lost connection, but it was only for a split second. The music skipped, and then almost instantly it was reconnected. In the hour I was outside, this only happened around 2-3 times, so not really a problem.

Battery Life

I tested the Cleer DU wireless headphones battery life with the volume set at 70% and the source never farther than 2 feet away. Normally I would test headphones at 50% volume, but that is because 50% is my normal listening level. With the Cleer DU, I had to turn it up a bit to have the music at the level that I like.

Cleer claims the DU wireless headphones have up to 20 hours of playback time depending on usage. In my test that I was able to get 23 hours of playback before the battery was drained. I checked the headphones at the 23-hour mark, and they were still playing. When I came back at 23 hours and 30 minutes they had stopped. Since I missed the very moment playback stopped, I’m not sure of the exact playback time to the minute. Even so, the battery life of the Cleer Du is very good.


The Cleer DU wireless headphones are available for $99USD. I think this is an excellent price for what feels like a premium wireless headphone. They have great sound, a modern look, are comfortable, and you have the option to use them wireless or wired. The price may not scream premium, but the sound, quality build and look of the DU wireless headphones sure does.

Wrap Up

The Cleer DU wireless headphones are a premium set of headphones that have a price tag half of what you would expect. The sound leans towards big bass while still giving treble and midrange their due. They have a modern look, solid build and are very comfortable to wear. Phone calls may not be perfect, but at this price, you owe it to yourself to check out the Cleer DU wireless headphones.

We were sent a sample of the Cleer DU wireless headphones for the purposes of this review.

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