Unico smartbrush has raised over one-million dollars on Kickstarter


Tooth care is probably one of the most important health measures one can take in their lives. Yet most of us neglect it for one reason or another. Unico smartbrush wants to make it easier for you to take care of your teeth. Unico claims it can brush your teeth in 3-seconds which is far faster than the recommended 2-3-minutes many dentists recommend. It seems like 2-3-minutes wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but many people find it to be too long. If Unico can actually deliver a proper brushing in 3-seconds, then that’s something.

Unico is the first patented smartbrush in the world that can perform tooth brushing perfectly in just 3-seconds.

Brushing your teeth is a long and boring task. Dentists recommend brushing teeth after each meal and dedicating at least 3 minutes to it each time. It follows that through the course of your life you should spend more than 200 full days brushing your teeth! Your time is precious and should not be wasted! With Unico this will no longer be the case! The solution is given in simple mathematical operations: according to dentists, the time we have to spend on tooth-brushing is 180 seconds –> 5.62 seconds for each of the thirty-two teeth we have –> 1.87 seconds for each of the three exposed surfaces of each tooth.

Thanks to its design, Unico is able to clean all the exposed tooth surfaces at the same time, the result is that your mouth will be perfectly clean in just 1.87 seconds! We brought the total time up to 3 seconds just to give you an even more effective cleansing and to give you the time to at least quickly do your hair or spray on some perfume while you are using it.

These are all pretty tall claims and it will set you back $117USD to back the “Basic Kit” on Kickstarter. The project has already raised over $1 million USD and there are less than 2-days to go. It’s sort of hard to believe this will actually work as Unico claims and could end up being vaporware. But such is the world of crowdfunding, it’s a gamble and a gamble nearly 7,000 backers have taken.

As with any Kickstarter, there is a risk supporting crowdfunding campaigns. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on Kickstarter campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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Last Updated on December 9, 2017.


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