The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 next week

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It’s been a year since Bungie’s annual Destiny event The Dawning, has taken place, and it looks to make its triumphant return as Destiny 2‘s first big annual event. Bungie is packing the multi-week long event full to the brim. Starting on Tuesday, Dec. 19, you and your favorite Guardian will take to the stars to share the gift of giving.

On the agenda for Guardians everywhere during the three-week event, are a bevy of activities. From snowball fights to hockey, Guardians will enjoy numerous silly activities. Of course, there’s loot to earn as well. Each class will be able to earn their own specific armor set. On top of that, there will be Dawning specific sparrows, ghosts emote’s, and ships. Tess will also update her inventory weekly, giving you access to all the Dawning wares.

Completing Crucible Mayhem and strikes will result in Dawning engrams. Guardians will also pick up schematics for creating gifts. They will then be able to give said gifts to vendors and NPCs. It’s not just about giving though, as Guardians will then receive gifts themselves.

Absent from the announcement is sparrow racing. One of the original Destiny‘s more popular events, Sparrow racing pitted Guardian against Guardian — and Guardian against environment — in an all-out race to the finish. Hopefully, this will return for an event of its own in the future. But as Bungie continues to focus on ironing out Curse of Osiris bugs, we may not see it for a bit.

Even so, the Dawning is a time to celebrate with your favorite Guardian pals and clan members. As Ikora put it:

“The Traveler is awake. For Humanity, a new Golden Age has begun. This year’s Dawning is unlike any other—it’s not just the renewal that a new year brings, but the dawn of something greater. Now more than ever, we must gather together in the Tower, at the Farm, and all across the system to give thanks. Our Light has returned—and it illuminates everything around us.”

The event ends on Tuesday, Jan. 9. That means that you have three weeks from this next Tuesday to collect all the gear you can. Will you be participating in the Dawning? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on December 15, 2017.

The dawning will be live Dec. 19.

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