Six 2018 security predictions from the security experts at Beyond Security


Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics on the internet today. With so many data breaches in 2017, it’s not hard to see why. Beyond Security develops vulnerability assessment tools used by governments and companies around the world to secure their networks, applications, and hardware. The company is the latest to weigh in on some predictions for the industry in 2018. The landscape of cybersecurity is wide open and can often be unpredictable, but these experts feel they have at least an idea of what’s to come.

“Beyond Security has been on the frontlines of detecting, assessing and managing security vulnerabilities since 1999. Our groundbreaking work in discovering hundreds of zero-day threats and bringing that knowledge to help tens of thousands of customers worldwide has given us a unique perspective on cybersecurity trends, said Hamid Karimi, VP of Business Development and a cybersecurity expert for Beyond Security. “Our experience shows that companies must focus first on their specific business model and look for ways to mitigate relevant risks as opposed to deploying cumbersome and complex solutions that add to the security management overhead with unintended consequences” he added.

Here are the top six predictions for 2018 from Beyond Security:

  • Application security will be front and center. The computing industry goes through cyclical adoption of competing core principles. We are at the rising edge of a return to securing applications instead of building complex, expensive and often inefficient perimeter defenses. Application security, therefore, will become an essential part of SecOps with a direct link to the modern DevOps.
  • AI and machine learning continue to be trendy terms in security. For years, AI will be nothing more than rudimentary analysis of machine-generated data to track attack patterns and predict the next stage of a sophisticated breach attempt. We are still at the mercy of “man” to interpret machine data in a meaningful way since the volume of false positives and false negatives are still unacceptable and nonactionable. Like other areas of security, AI is a tool that can and will be exploited by the cyberspace dark forces.
  • IoT space gets even messier before it adopts a common framework. Given the difficulty of managing IoT sensors in the absence of standards, most solutions remain proprietary and geared toward solving very purpose-driven functions. Expect proliferating worms to infiltrate many IoT deployments, given the limited computing power of sensors.
  • Cloud Security as a service will offer a framework for more secure cloud computing. As adoption of public cloud system increases and more companies trust the cloud externalization model, security will eventually become an integrated component of this model. Many vendors shall attempt to make security, integrated and transparent to the process.
  • Data breaches will continue to haunt consumers. Attackers will chase valuable data and seek the weakest defenses. Since a lot of organizations have abdicated their role as the custodian of customer data, expect more high-profile disclosures in 2018 which in turn forces the legislative branch to mandate specific safeguards like The PATCH Act.
  • Compliance will assume center stage with the consummation of GDPR and similar regulations across advanced economies. Let’s not forget that maintaining an up-to-date software library is an internal compliance issue which is the cornerstone of inherent trust that users (internal and external) have in their service and technology providers.

“We live in a connected universe where Cyberspace offers both the promise of productivity and utility of abuse, said Aviram Jenik, CEO of Beyond Security. “The security needs of all organizations are unique, all Internet-facing entities need to make certain they meet an acceptable defense baseline. Potential intruders always look for the softest targets first and in the crowded cyberspace, a few smart moves can take you off their radar” he stated.

Do you agree with these predictions? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on December 15, 2017.


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