Video of rumored Windows Phone with Surface Pen support arises


Filed in the category of “what could have been, but never will be,” a video of Surface Pen support on Windows Phone has arisen. Despite Windows Phone’s long, tumultuous fall, there’s still a steady brand following. The Surface Pro brand is still going strong and the idea of a Window Phone that used a Surface Pen made many Windows Phone fans’ mouths water.

While Microsoft killed the Lumia brand, many have wondered what could have been. In this video, we see just that. Check it out for yourself:

The device in the video appears to be a prototype, which would explain the technical hiccups and glitches. The device in reference also appears to be sporting Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 Mobile has since moved into service updates only. That means this is definitely an older prototype and there will be no new hardware or software features. So, sadly, we’ll never see a Surface Pen grace the surface of a Windows 1o phone.

With Apple rumored to bring Pencil support to the iPhone, and Samsung dominating the renewed love of stylus support, a Windows Phone that allowed the use of the Surface Pen would have been great to see. The Surface accessory is one of the more coveted parts of the experience in using said device. Sadly, the software side of things wasn’t enough to keep Windows Phone alive.

From paid incentives for app developers to helping write apps for them, the lack of a user base kept developers away. Rather than develop Windows Phone software further, Microsoft has shifted its focus to developing apps on iOS and Android. Heck, even Bill Gates is using something other than Windows.

Would you have bought a Windows Phone if it supported the Surface Pen? Are you sad to see the end of Windows Phone? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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