PCC will be showing off a fully transparent AR display at CES 2018


January is here and that means tech companies from all over the world will be showing off their wares at CES 2018. Photonics Crystal Corporation (PCC) is one of those companies and they’re bringing a fully transparent AR display with them. This fully transparent AR display is said to allow glasses-free augmented reality. The company says they are using nano-optics technology in this tech. NanoAR selectively displays the light from a projector meanwhile letting the light from other directions pass through. Therefore, a vibrant color image can be overlapped onto the undisturbed real world. Check out PCC’s very short demo videos of their tech below.

PCC says by the laws of physics, you cannot display a vivid picture on a fully transparent medium because transparent mediums will let light pass through rather than display it as a picture.

Although there are some other tricky ways to achieve a transparent display, all of them sacrifice transparency and/or clearness for a brighter image. NanoAR on the other hand. is fully transparent for light to pass through and achieves greater than 85% transparency and less than 2% haze. The super high transparency and low haze even make it usable for windshield HUD displays in automobiles. NanoAR enables many applications like transparent digital signs, window displays, full windshield HUD display and even light field displays.

“Nano Optics has been the holy grail for manipulating the light. NanoAR makes even a quantum leap. It enables many applications in AR/VR, HUD, and light field displays”. – Said Yong-jing Wang, Founder of Photonics Crystal, Inc.

It looks very interesting and if we have a moment to get to PCC’s booth during CES 2018, we’ll try and check out the tech for ourselves.

What do you think of this fully transparent AR display? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on January 9, 2018.

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