Google officially acquires HTC design team

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The all of the i’s have been dotted and the t’s are crossed. The deal that had been rumored for years, and was officially announced several months ago, is officially official. Google now owns the HTC design team and has welcomed their new employees in what many assume will be the beginning of completely Google-designed Pixel phones.

In a blog post announcing that the deal has been completed, Rick Osterloh welcomed the new members of the team, touting their vast experience in the mobile sector:

I’m delighted that we’ve officially closed our deal with HTC, and are welcoming an incredibly talented team to work on even better and more innovative products in the years to come. These new colleagues bring decades of experience achieving a series of “firsts” particularly in the smartphone industry—including bringing to market the first 3G smartphone in 2005, the first touch-centric phone in 2007, and the first all-metal unibody phone in 2013. This is also the same team we’ve been working closely with on the development of the Pixel and Pixel 2.

While Google previously owned Motorola, that experiment never really seemed to click. Google has had a much longer relationship with HTC, considering the first ever Android phone — the HTC Dream, a.k.a. G1 — as well as the granddaddy of the Nexus/Pixel line — Nexus One — were HTC phones. HTC even designed the short-lived Nexus 9 tablet along with Google, so the history is there. Hopefully absorbing the design team, and not the entire company, will lead to better results this time around.

What do you think about Google finalizing the purchase of the HTC design team? What do you want to see out of this partnership in the future? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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