iPhone X users are reportedly missing calls due to a touchscreen bug

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Of course, there’s an issue with the most expensive iPhone to date but when a bug hits anyone’s phone whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device it’s never a good thing, especially if you miss important phone calls. There have been reports on Apple’s official forum with iPhone X users having issues with their touchscreen which is causing people to miss phone calls.

You can take steps to try and fix the issue like soft/hard resets or making sure the phone is on the latest software, but it’ll only fix the issue temporarily. One user is saying that when they receive a phone call, it takes about six to eight seconds for the display to start working. After that, a power off/on was done, but the problem arose again 15-20 phone calls later. They did a soft reset and a hard reset only to hit the same bump in the road.

It seems like these users have been dealing with this issue since December 2017 (from the forum), and an update hasn’t been pushed out even with the iOS 11.2.5 update that came out recently. Apple is already investigating this issue, so there should be some bug fix at some point, but for now, there isn’t much anyone can do. People use their mobile devices for a lot of things, so Apple might get this update out faster than we’d expect.

iPhone X users here at Techaeris (really just site owner Alex) haven’t had any issues yet, nor have my friends that have the iPhone X. But what about you? Have any of our readers dealt with this bug yet and got their iPhone X to work after trying simple tech support or anything special? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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