BenQ’s new monitors feature Brightness Intelligence and HDR support

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When one thinks of monitors, they may not think of BenQ which is unfortunate. I’ve used various BenQ monitors over the years on and off and they’ve been on par with other offerings out there. The company has just released four new monitors which featured Brightness Intelligence for easier viewing and three of them also include HDR support.

The monitors come in a number of sizes starting off with the larger, curved EX3501R (curved 35″ Ultra-Wide QHD), followed by the EW3270U (32″ 4K UHD), and EL2870U (28″ 4K UHD) — all of which feature Brightness Intelligence Plus and HDR technology.

These enhancements increase the overall dynamic range between true black and bright white to more closely resemble what the viewers’ eyes see in the natural world. All three monitors support AMD FreeSync™ — and the EX350IR adds a 100Hz refresh rate — to eliminate image tearing, broken frames, and choppy game play for ultra-smooth and fluid gaming.

The EW3270ZL (32″ QHD) features Brightness Intelligence but lacks the HDR support and, as a result, is a more affordable option.

The new EW3270ZL monitor is ideal for viewing high-resolution movies and boosting work productivity, delivering enhanced video enjoyment through optimal color precision and QHD 2560×1440 resolution. With 10 bits of color depth, Rec.709, and 100% sRGB color space, the monitor offers more than a billion colors to work with astonishing precision. In addition, the EW3270ZL delivers multi-device connectivity via dual HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs, giving users greater flexibility and the best possible video image quality from external sources. BenQ’s Low Blue Light Plus Technology filters out shorter, higher-energy blue-violet radiation (420~455nm) that can be harmful to the eyes, while keeping the remaining beneficial blue turquoise light (455~480nm); hence, this monitor can reproduce more accurate color compared with conventional Low Blue Light technology.

With Brightness Intelligence, BenQ’s latest monitors can detect not only ambient light levels but also color temperature in the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts monitor brightness and color temperatures. This provides an enhanced picture which is not overexposed, brings out details in dark areas and maintains clarity and color intensity.

The BenQ Premium Eye-Care monitors are available now via BenQDirect. The EX3501R has an MSRP of $899USD, the EW3270U comes in at $699, the EL2870U at $499, and finally the EW3270ZL at $399.

What do you think of the recently released BenQ monitors? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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