Snapchat update angers users *almost* enough to stop using Snapchat

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In the relatively recent history of apps, websites, and other programs used by millions of people, there have been times when developers push out an update that people just plain don’t like. Whether it’s the app layout, confusing functionality, or any number of other faults, users are quick to point out when they don’t like an app’s update. The latest app to draw the ire of its users is Snapchat. A recent update drastically changed the way the app is set up, and also changed the way that users interact with the app and service. People are not happy.

The update split the app into two major sections: friend content to the left, and media content to the right. The app still opens to the camera front and center. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really probably too old to *get* Snapchat, but the update has definitely lost me a little bit too. Teenagers, who are far more ingrained into the Snapchat experience are livid. Not quite livid enough to actually stop using the app, mind you, but close.

Here’s where I sound completely like an out of touch old man, but the big reason that some users are sticking around are Streaks. Sending snaps back and forth between friends builds up a Streak, which doesn’t really seem to mean anything other than showing a number based on the days you’ve contacted specific friends… but users are begging for Snapchat to change back to something more akin to the old version simply in order to save their Streaks. Some were apparently even confused enough by the change to the app that some of their Streaks were broken while trying to navigate the changes to the app.

Chances are very good that Snap Inc. isn’t particularly concerned about the outcry. Considering users aren’t willing to stop using the service, the company probably figures they’ll just stop complaining eventually, or maybe just maybe, they’ll learn to love the app updates and find something else to complain about. If an arbitrary Streak number is enough to keep users on a service they no longer like, what’s to stop that service from simply making more decisions that users might not like?

Are you a Snapchat user? What do you think of the new app update? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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