Instagram testing Snapchat-like screenshot notification system


When Facebook was unable to woo Snap Inc with giant sticky piles of cash for Snapchat, they did the next best thing. In this instance, the next best thing was to basically copy most aspects of Snapchat into their own social photo sharing service, which they were conveniently able to woo with some of those same piles of cash. Instagram has been adding quite a few Snapchat-like features lately, and certain users have been seeing one more example in recent days. Screenshot notifications are rolling out to Instagram, with warnings to the screenshot taker that the story poster will be notified if screenshots continue.

Some users have started seeing the warning below when taking screenshots of other users’ stories:

On the other side of things, users who have had screenshots taken of their stories will need to dig a bit deeper, going into their list of story viewers, and look for a new icon next to the username of anyone who took a screenshot of their story. It’s not quite the notification that Snapchat sends to users, but similar enough to see where the intention came from.

This is still in a limited release right now, and is in addition to Instagram’s screenshot notifications for private direct messages. Instagram will likely be seeing how engagement and use is affected in their test group before any type of wider roll out. So if you’re one who’s inclined to take screenshots of Instagram stories, better get that all out of your system now in case the notifications roll out to a wider set of users. Or, just don’t be creepy and watch what people share without taking screenshots. You can do it!

What do you think about Instagram adding screenshot notifications for stories? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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