[RUMOR] Apple may shrink the notch on the 2nd-gen iPhone X

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Apple iPhone rumors tend to pop-up very quickly after a new phone is released. Such has been the case with the iPhone X. We were seeing rumors of the 2nd-gen version even before people had the 1st-generation device in hand. Now that the iPhone X has been out for a few months, the rumors start to become a little more trustworthy. Although, as always, I do caution that any rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.

The latest rumor comes from Barclays and says that the 2nd-generation iPhone X could come with a much smaller notch and slightly redesigned TrueDepth system. The rumor also goes on to say the iPad Pro line may see the TrueDepth sensor incorporated into it.

Based on several data points within the 4Q17 reporting period and our supply chain meetings at CES, we remain confident that Apple is set to deploy its TrueDepth 3D sensor across the iPhone range in 2018 and to also add it to the pending iPad Pro refresh as well.

Given the complexity and multiple years spent developing the current generation of module, combined with supplier comments over the past month regarding multi-year customer commitments, we do not envisage a major change to the architectural make-up in 2018 […]

We do expect the sensor to evolve slightly, potentially reducing in size (i.e., smaller notch) and improving in specificity […] helping to further drive very strong growth [for some Apple suppliers] in 2H18 as the second generation of sensor ships in this year’s new iPhones.

Barclays also believes that Apple is trying to bring TrueDepth to the rear camera as well.

A key discussion point regarding 2019 is whether or not Apple will be ready to insert a rear or world-facing sensor, given the additional complexity associated with a greater range and field of view and […] the potential safety implications for the human eye.

Our discussions with suppliers suggests Apple and its partners are working hard on a world-facing solution, but development is ongoing and with over 18 months to go until the 2019 iPhone cycle, not all is yet determined.

There you have it. A smaller notch may excite some users, but many users have expressed that the notch really doesn’t bother them. Guess we won’t find out until the end of this year.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2018.

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