The Willow Pump aims to free busy breastfeeding moms from tubes and cords


As a father of five kids, I have some experience being around breast pumps. There were dozens of times my wife expressed frustration and anger over these devices. Now, The Willow Pump wants to end that frustration for breastfeeding moms. The Willow Pump is a hands-free, tube free, and bottle free pump that fits in the bra and works with their iOS app. The company is planning on an Android app in the near future.

Once The Willow Pump is inserted and latched the pump senses and does all the work. This frees up busy mothers to tend to other things they could be doing. Once the pump is done you can simply remove the non-leak bag and store it away.

Engadget went hands-on with the device at CES 2018, check out the video below.

Everything you need to pump (yes, even the Milk Bag) is inside Willow®. Designed to work quietly in your bra with no attachments, Willow lets you keep your clothes on—so you can move and pump as you please. With Willow, you don’t need to squeeze pumping into your schedule.

Keep moving and doing everyday tasks—even a conference call—while Willow works. Because Willow works inside your bra with no cords, tubes, or bottles attached, you can now be part of every moment. Just check the Willow App to keep tabs on your pumping progress. Break out of your pumping bunker. Willow is portable and makes it easy to pump around the house or even out in public—whatever suits you.

It’s certainly an interesting gadget for breastfeeding moms. Our kids are past this stage now but I know my wife would have loved to have had this handy pump back then. It will be interesting to see if it takes off.

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