Fender Play available on iPad, adding ukulele and bass lessons; coming soon to Android devices

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It was last summer that Fender Play — the iconic guitar company’s online course which teaches you how to play guitar — launched for iPhone and desktop with the promise of an Android version coming as well. As of yesterday, Fender Play expanded to the iPad and Fender also announced a release date for the Android version of the app: March 29th.

“Fender Play is one of the fastest-growing and engaged guitar lesson communities of its kind,” said Ethan Kaplan, General Manager of Fender Digital. “We’re seeing musicians on Fender Play grow their skills right before our eyes, and with expanded access through iPad and Android devices, we’re excited that even more people will have the opportunity to learn or rediscover their passion for guitar through the accessibility and convenience of Fender Play.”

The iPad version, as one would expect, features the same functionality, songs, and videos as the iPhone and desktop versions. It also gets a few new features which include:

  • Portrait and Landscape Mode: Portrait allows players to easily access additional lesson material, while landscape enhances video player size for heightened visibility and focus.
  • More than video: Chord charts, related lessons and helpful content are easy to access and view with the iPad version’s lesson page.
  • Follow your Path: An updated course view helps players easily pick up where they left off, or skip around to other lessons.

In addition to iPad and Android support, Fender also announced that ukulele and bass lessons will be available soon with metal and R&B genre paths coming later this year.

Just to refresh your memory, Fender Play allows you to:

  • CHOOSE the instruments, songs, and genre, putting players in control of their musical journey.
  • TRACK progress, evolution, and development in real-time. Players see their progression and milestones through a user-friendly dashboard – the ultimate progress report.
  • STUDY with a proprietary custom video player that shows chord diagrams on the lesson screen.
  • LEARN at their own pace, on-the-go and at their convenience, with the easy portability of a laptop or mobile devices. A Wi-Fi or LTE connection is required to access the program.
  • VIEW 4K-quality, multi-camera footage and production elements, such as split screens and over-the-shoulder angles, which provide a valuable perspective for new players. Each clip is short and easy-to-digest, making every moment not only educational but engaging.
  • ACCESS a large glossary of helpful terms, chords, and videos.
  • DISCOVER helpful articles, tips, and tricks based on a player’s lessons and learning path.
  • BLAZE a unique trail based on personal taste and discovery, or follow the recommended, custom path; browse by genre or featured artist.
  • LEARN popular songs and riffs! With over 1,000 tips, chords and videos, some skills are taught in less than 2 minutes and it can take only 22 minutes or less for a beginner to play their first recognizable riff.
  • ENGAGE with the Fender Play closed Facebook community, where users can share progress in real time and interact with other players on the guitar-learning journey.

Fender Play is available as a free 30-day trial after which time users can sign up for $9.99USD/month or $89.99 for a year of unlimited lessons.

Have you used Fender Play yet? If so, what do you think about it? While you’ll still have to wait a bit longer for the Android version, are you finally looking forward to being able to access Fender Play on your Android device? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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