How do you feel about the state of smartphones? Does the Vivo Apex excite you?

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Mobile World Congress is kicking off this week and smartphone announcements will be in abundance. Most of those announcements will bring more of the same but the Vivo Apex concept showcases something different. The Vivo Apex is already generating a buzz for its nearly nonexistent bezels, embedded fingerprint sensor, and pop-up selfie cam. There has been much coverage of this phone which got me to wondering. How do you feel about the state of smartphones? Does something like the Vivo Apex excite you? Check out The Verge’s hands-on video below.

While I admit, it’s interesting to watch manufacturers continually shrinking the bezels on smartphones, smaller bezels aren’t really a WOW factor for me anymore. I’ll admit, I’d rather have slim bezels on my phone, but other than aesthetics, it doesn’t really have any tech impact on me. That being said, the Apex certainly looks beautiful and Vivo says it wants to shrink the bezels to a point the screen to body ratio is 98%. All neat but does it blow you away?

This year at CES 2018, Vivo showcased their embedded fingerprint sensor and gained a lot of press over it. It was a significant announcement for the company as they beat the big dogs (Apple, Samsung, Google) in pushing out the technology. The Vivo Apex concept also has an embedded fingerprint sensor but slightly different. It’s still the same idea as the original but is now located in the center of the screen.

The company’s embedded fingerprint sensor still isn’t as fast as the ones on other smartphones, but I’m sure the tech will mature quickly. But even as impressive an embedded fingerprint sensor is, does it really wow you that much? I will admit, the pop-up selfie camera is pretty cool, but also not really a wow factor for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the Vivo Apex looks like a cool concept but does anyone else feel smartphones are starting to lose their luster and wow factor? What else can smartphone makers do to bring back the excitement they once commanded? Or do you think smartphones are going to be replaced with new tech very soon?

We’re curious what you think of the state of the smartphone. Does something like the Vivo Apex excite you? Or are you just pretty unphased by anything currently being introduced? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.


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