Amazon will now take photos of your delivered package as proof of delivery


Amazon is rolling out a new program that should benefit users but mostly protects Amazon. The new initiative is called the Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery program. The delivery person will snap a photo of the customer’s package where it was delivered and it will be attached to their notice of delivery. I think we’re all aware of the growing problem of package thieves and this is one way for Amazon to prove the package was delivered by them. Often times, if a package is missing, it’s easier to blame the company than a random package thief.

“Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery provides visual delivery confirmation — it shows customers that their package was safely delivered and where, and it’s one of many delivery innovations we’re working on to improve convenience for customers,” said an Amazon spokesperson, Kristen Kish.

The company has been testing the program for at least six months. No word on where it will expand next but currently it is working in Oregon, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and the Northern Virginia metro areas. Users will be auto-enrolled into the program but if you don’t want to be part of it you can opt out. According to The Verge:

Users who would like to maintain their privacy can opt out of having photos taken. When they view a delivery photo under the Your Orders section, they can click on “Don’t take delivery photos” to opt out.

It’s an interesting program that will have a benefit for users but ultimately give Amazon proof of delivery should someone claim packages were not delivered.

What do you think about Amazon taking photos of each delivery to prove the package has been dropped off at the right location? Tell us in the comments below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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