Movies Anywhere adds FandangoNOW to its digital ecosystem

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If you’re not familiar with Movies Anywhere you should be. Chances are you own a variety of digitally purchased movies across a variety of platforms. From FandangoNOW and Google Play to Vudu and iTunes. Many of us have our digital collection strewn across services. Movies Anywhere is a service that stitches that collection together in one simple user experience. When you first use Movies Anywhere it is a bit surreal seeing your iTunes movie library somewhere other than iTunes…who’d of thunk it?

Now, you can enjoy your FandangoNOW purchases on Movies Anywhere. Fandango serves more than 60 million visitors per month and provides movie information, tickets, trailers and original content and entertainment.

“We are thrilled to welcome FandangoNOW, a go-to online destination for movie fans, as our newest digital retailer. Movies Anywhere is rapidly revolutionizing the way that consumers access and enjoy their digital movie collections. The app has been used to store over 100 million movies to date. The popularity of Movies Anywhere is largely due to the extraordinary content, including exclusives and promotions, and the support provided through our growing list of online digital retailers,” said Karin Gilford, General Manager, Movies Anywhere.

“At Fandango, we aim to deliver the best movie experience anytime and anywhere, throughout a movie’s entire life cycle — from theatrical to home entertainment and beyond,” said Fandango CMO, Adam Rockmore. “Since FandangoNOW’s launch in 2016, we’ve been hyper-focused on innovation, including building one of the industry’s largest collections of 4K Ultra HD movies and broadening our distribution on a wide variety of connected devices. Now, through our new relationship with Movies Anywhere, FandangoNOW customers will gain simple, streamlined access to their digital movies from Hollywood’s major film studios.”

What do you think of FandangoNOW joining Movies Anywhere? Do you use Movies Anywhere? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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