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Sea of Thieves Day One Patch probably isn’t what you’re expecting at all

Yes, it’s simply an eye-patch with the number “1” on it.

If you’ve played nearly any game recently, you’ve probably come across a Day One Patch. More often than not, this is a way for developers to fix bugs that just couldn’t get squashed prior to launch, add minor (or sometimes major…) features that didn’t quite fit into the development schedule, or just add polish where needed. In the Sea of Thieves Day One Patch, Rare is taking things in a slightly different direction. They aren’t fixing any bugs, they aren’t adding any features, but this *is* a game about pirates, so patches do have a somewhat expected place here.

Yes, it’s simply an eye-patch with the number “1” on it. Players can stop at any clothing shop between the game’s launch on March 20th and March 29th and pick up their very own Day One Eye-Patch for the low, low price of one gold coin.

While others may have also suggested the idea, Rare took inspiration from a Reddit post from user Jefabell, who simply begged Rare not to miss the opportunity to add an eye-patch along with any possible Day One Patch released. Rare took the idea to heart. The description of the in-game item credits Jefabell with the inspiration:

A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore. Eyepatch makers read it and said, ‘aye.’

Rare has always been a developer willing to goof around a bit with their games, so I’m not surprised to see them play on the day one “patch” in this way.

Will you be playing Sea of Thieves when it unlocks in your region? Are you already playing because you’re in a region where the game has already unlocked? Let us know about all of your pirate adventures with your Day One Eye-Patch in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

  Source: GameSpot
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