Xoopar PowerCard offers slim powerbank for quick on-the-go charging


Like smartphones, portable powerbanks come in all shapes, sizes, and capacities. The old adage “bigger is better” may hold true for the capacity of some of these but the larger the capacity, the larger the physical size of the powerbank as well. Sometimes, all you need is a quick charge to boost your phone until you get home so a smaller, slim powerbank might be all you need. That’s where the new PowerCard slim powerbank from Xoopar comes in.

The Xoopar PowerCard is only 5mm thick, has a 1,300mAh capacity, and 1.3A output. While this won’t be enough to charge your smartphone fully, it’s definitely enough to get you a few more hours of juice until you get home or to the office. In addition, the PowerCard features pass-through charging which allows you to charge the powerbank while charging your device at the same time.

The PowerCard features a brushed aluminum finish in Black, Silver, Pink, Orange, Mint, or Lime with an expandable USB port for easier storage in your purse or wallet. It also ships with a black protective pouch to protect the powerbank’s finish. The PowerCard comes with a USB to Micro-USB charging cable and is available for $24.99USD from Lafab.

What do you think about the Xoopar PowerCard? Do you find smaller, lower capacity powerbanks useful in certain situations? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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