Boring Company Bricks may be the next, most practical, line of merchandise


Elon Musk has been awfully excited about the Boring Company. It’s easily the least flashy of his ventures, though it has the capacity to be of the most use to the general population right away. Musk has stated that the company would not use any public funds for use in their tunneling endeavors, though that has lead to questions about how they would finance their tunnels, and the possible Hyperloop trains to travel within. The Boring Company has already tried hats, t-shirts, and even flamethrowers, but Boring Company Bricks may be the most practical revenue stream that could not only raise money, but create jobs and provide a beneficial service.

As he often does, Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the new line of Boring Company Bricks:

The idea definitely makes sense, through the normal operation of the company, they’ll be creating quite a bit of rock that could easily be re-purposed into something like Boring Company Bricks. Musk was likely joking with his quips about ancient Egypt, but his answer to a pretty reasonable follow-up question about the bricks’ capabilities leads to better and more important possibilities for the materials:

The company is attempting to dig out tunnels in areas like Los Angeles and Chicago, areas with large populations and definite needs for housing and construction materials. If they can turn the drilled materials around into this bricks quickly enough, they could set up a kind of market at their dig site where contractors could come and pick up bricks as needed, saving time and money.

Flamethrowers are cool and everything — and Musk sold a bunch of those at a tidy profit — but these brick could solve problems in areas in need of fast and light construction materials, and make an even bigger profit off of material that they’d just have needed to car away or do something else with after digging.

What do you think about Boring Company Bricks? Does Elon Musk have another winner on his hands? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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