Crazy dude rockets himself 1,875 feet to see if the Earth is flat


Some people will do just about anything to prove a point or see something for themselves. “Mad” Mike Hughes is one of those people and he did something crazy to see if the Earth is flat. If you’re not familiar with the movement, there is a faction out there that believes the Earth is flat. Hughes is a self-taught rocket scientist who wanted to prove and see for himself that the Earth is flat.

So Hughes built himself a rocket that propelled him to 1,875 feet, about 99 feet higher than One World Trade Center. Hughes was supposed to launch himself up and snap photos to prove or perhaps disprove the flat Earth theory. Watch his crazy rocket launch on YouTube.

Hughes was successful in launching himself into the air but did suffer some injuries on landing.

“Relieved,” the daredevil said after a landing that left him with minor injuries. “I’m tired of people saying I chickened out and didn’t build a rocket. I’m tired of that stuff. I manned up and did it.”

The rocket launch near Amboy, California – about 200 miles east of Los Angeles – was first scheduled last year, but it was postponed multiple times amid mechanical problems and logistical issues with the Bureau of Land Management.

Despite having some minor technical issues on Saturday, Hughes went ahead and shot himself in the air, reaching around 350 mph before pulling his parachute. He had to deploy a second parachute because he was dropping too fast.

While many may disagree with Hughes the “Earth is flat” theory, you have to give him credit for building the rocket and actually launching himself for a peek at the horizon. Although one could say it would have been much safer to take a trip up One World Trade Center for nearly the same view.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2018.

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