Five tips for using a drone to shoot great videos


The demand for drones has sharply increased over the past few years mostly from the filming, videography, and photography industry. When you are considering to use a drone to shoot great videos, it is important to take to account the model’s size, safety features, ease of use, and quality of the image from the video camera. Here are 5 amazing tips that will assist you when using a drone in order to shoot great videos;

Get a quality video camera drone

Almost any drone is capable of taking aerial footage, but not all drones have the same potential of taking great shots. If you are on a quest to perfect your video skills and should avoid choosing drones with a low-quality UAV built-in camera, they only translate to low-quality video shots. Get a drone with at least a 4k video camera and ensure the drone also has a good gimbal. Gimbal makes the video stable and gives you a professional footage. A few popular drones with a magnificent camera and incredible flight time are DJI series (Phantom 3 & 4). Other specialized commercial drones like the Yuneec Typhoon H and DJI Inspire 1v.2 have the ability capture 360 degrees coverage.

Acquaint yourself with local area drone flights rules and regulations

After confirming you have the right gear for your video project you should familiarize yourself with local area regulations and general CASA guidelines regarding the flying of drones. Some territories in certain states have prohibitions on the use of cameras and taking footage of these places might lead to conflict with the governing law. You can avoid legal problems associated with this creative hobby by embracing useful apps like “Can I Fly There.” Having confirmed the rules and regulation to be favorable, you are ready to pursue your passion in cinematography.

Weather stability

It is not advisable to fly a drone during windy conditions as there is no telling when the velocity might kick up. The strong turbulence might cause your drone to lose control or in worst scenario crash down. Professional filmmakers always know to check the weather forecast on their apps before flying their drone to take any video footage.

Stimulate film viewers to experience fast motion

The fact that drones can fly at a significant speed makes it possible to capture in detail the sensation and thrill of fast-moving objects and shoot impeccable vehicle chase scenes. An addition of a footage captured in fast motion is a good antidote in any film, especially in action movies.

Take multiple shots of any single video

Before you learn to maneuver your drone like a pro you are likely to get poor results if you rely on a single video. Have your drone take a series of multiple shots from different aerial positions and the probability of getting poor video quality is far lower. Ensure you have captured a significant amount of versions of your film. Later after the recording, you will analyze the whole video and choose your best shots.

Written by guest author Mia Clarke: Mia is part of the content and community team at, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking, or cycling.


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