Enhance your gaming with Razer’s body enhancing nanobot technology

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As any gamer knows, gaming peripherals can give you a leg up on the competition, whether it be mice, keyboards, controllers, headsets, or more. We’ve reviewed quite a few Razer gaming peripherals here at Techaeris and been reasonably pleased by most of their offerings. As Razer points out though, there’s still one major roadblock to getting the most out of your gaming — YOU. As a result, Razer has been working with nanobot technology and have formulated a drink called Project Venom V2 which allows you to game harder, faster, and longer.

Re-built from ground up with nanobots, introducing Project Venom V2. With this brand new blend, you don’t just play longer, you level the playing fields between yourself and pro-gamers. You are now an extension of the world’s deadliest gaming hardware. You thought Venom was a Joke. We’re serious – the formula is ready. We hope you are.

Of course, it’ll be interesting to see how the eSports community reacts to such a performance enhancing drink, as there’s no question that the use of nanobots to enhance your gaming gives you a huge leg up over the competition regardless of the gear you use while gaming. Razer has even prepared an overview and demo video of their new Project Venom V2, check it out below:

Razer hasn’t announced a release date or pricing for their Project Venom V2 nanobot drink as of yet but we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we hear more!

What do you think about Razer’s Project Venom V2? Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level with nanobot technology? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on March 31, 2018.


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