Apple found to have infringed on VirnetX patents ordered to pay damages

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The VirnetX patents lawsuit has been going on since 2010 and is finally come to an end (maybe). A federal jury has found that Apple did indeed violate VirnetX patents and has awarded VirnetX $502 million USD. The VirnetX patents in question are being used by Apple in devices that incorporate FaceTime and iMessage. In a previous case, also won by VirnetX, courts awarded VirnetX $302 million USD. Now Apple is on the hook for an even larger sum.

According to Bloomberg, which earlier reported on the verdict, VirnetX is entitled to $502.6 million in damages for the alleged infringement. The company generated just $1.5 million in revenue in all of 2017.

Apple has denied that its devices violate VirnetX patents and has battled previous losses. In 2014, an earlier ruling in VirnetX’s favor was thrown out by a higher court, prompting a retrial.

In a statement to Bloomberg, VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen called the damages amount “fair.”

Despite the loss, Apple, which hasn’t commented on the verdict, has some possible ways out. As Bloomberg notes, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board said in 2016 that VirnetX patents are invalid. That alone could be enough to see Apple win the long-fought battle.

Apple isn’t a stranger to patent lawsuits and they’ve been known to drag them out. As Bloomberg noted, the company still has some ways out of this judgment and you can bet they will be exploring those options.

What do you think of the jury’s choice to side with VirnetX? How do you feel about Apple infringing on VirnetX patents? Do you think this is the end of the case? Or do you think Apple will explore options that could sway things their way? What do you think of our patent system as it stands? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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