Alienware hotel room packs in everything you’ll need to waste an entire vacation


You’ve taken some time off of work, flown to a tropical paradise, and have just opened the door to your hotel room for a week’s vacation. If the first thing you want to do is shut the curtains and play some videogames, the Alienware hotel room may be exactly what you’re looking for. Alienware has pimped out one room at the Hilton Panama where gamers can have an immersive gaming experience all while ignoring the sun and beach just outside the window.

Let’s first take a look around the room:

If you couldn’t pick up all of the details from that video, here are some of the important details. Room 2425 has great views of the beach, but that’s not likely what you’ll care about if you’re renting this room. You’ll probably first spot the 65″ 4K TV connected to an Alienware PC. That PC is rocking an Intel Core i7-7800 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti and comes with Xbox One Elite controllers and an Oculus Rift for good measure.

On the desk you’ll see the Alienware laptop and 34″ ultra-wide monitor along with racing chair. The room comes equipped with interactive lighting and Alienware logos all over the place. It’s also equipped with two king size beds.

Andres Korngold, Hilton Panama’s director of business development was excited about the Alienware hotel room opening, saying in an interview with Homecrux:

Ensuring an innovative and differentiating service has been our commitment since our opening in Panama and this initiative shows how important it is for us to contribute to improving more and more the options [to] stay in Panama, directly impacting on the tourist offer offered by the country for locals and foreigners.

The room became available to rent yesterday, and will cost you $349 (not sure what currency) per night. So if you’re feeling like you’d want to spend your vacation travelling to a tropical paradise and staying inside to play videogames, the Hilton Panama probably just jumped to the top of your wishlist for your next vacation.

What do you think about the Alienware hotel room? Is Panama really the best place for this type of room? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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