Destiny 2 “Warmind” brings you back to Mars

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Yesterday Bungie held a reveal event for its newest Destiny 2 expansion, “Warmind.” In that reveal, Bungie showed off a variety of things coming back to the game, both new and old. While we knew about some of the changes coming in the latest update, Bungie’s bringing a whole lot more.

“Warmind” brings you and your ghost back to Mars. However, unlike the Mars landscape from Destiny, you’ll be exploring Mars’ melting ice caps. “Warmind” also brings in a new NPC to help you along the way. Ana Bray, of Clovis Bray fame, will not only serve as a protagonist in the story, but will also be a vendor for this update. You can see her debut in the cinematic trailer below:

As you can see from the trailer, you’ll be helping Ms. Bray discover her past as she looks to take on whatever Rasputin is cooking up. As you move closer to reaching Rasputin’s core, you’ll face off against the Hive. This time, you’ll take on the previously frozen Grasp of Nokris Hive sect.

We’ll have to wait and see about how the hive ties in with Rasputin and Clovis Bray. But what we can talk about is all the new stuff coming to the game. As Bungie did in the base game, and the “Curse of Osiris” expansion, the company is bringing exotics new and old to the game. Most importantly, everyone’s favorite auto rifle, Suros Regime is coming back. A new submachine gun called the Huckleberry will also make its debut.

Crucible players will also see new changes and additions coming to the game. There is ranked play for competitive and casual players in two designated playlists. Players will also see real time leveling in either mode. The glory playlist — for competitive players — will show each player move up or down the ladder based on their success or failure in matches. Players will also have a new gun they’ll work toward at the end of each season.

For PVE players, a new public event called the Escalation Protocol has been put into the game. The event, unlike current public events, will be able to be triggered at anytime, much like the Taken King’s Court of Oryx. Similar to Archon’s Forge from the first game’s “Rise of Iron” expansion, the event will feature waves of baddies. As each wave progresses, enemies will get tougher, until you face a pinnacle boss. There are five bosses in total that rotate each week, with each dropping a different piece of armor. So it’s safe to say, that if you want a certain armor piece, you’ll have to wait until its respective week, in order for it to drop.

The expansion drops May 8th, so you’ll have a few short weeks to finish up the “Curse of Osiris” and everything it has to offer.

Will you be picking up the newest expansion for Destiny 2, or have you lost interest in the game? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on April 25, 2018.


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