Five simple ways to extend the life of your smartphone’s battery

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When you’re using your phone while you’re out, you may not have time to charge it, and it could end up dying on you long before you’re ready to come home. What good is a phone if you can’t turn it on because the battery is dead? It becomes completely useless. However, there are simple ways to extend the life of your smartphone battery so that it doesn’t die nearly as quickly. Follow these tips to learn exactly what you’ll need to do.

1. Adjust the brightness of the screen

Do you have the brightness setting on your phone screen turned all the way up? If so, consider lowering it as much as possible. You don’t have to put it at the lowest setting but lowering the brightness can help to conserve some of your phone’s battery, especially if you’re using the phone to browse social media and different sites.

2. Turn it off when you don’t need to use it

Taking a nap? Not expecting any important phone calls? Don’t want to be disturbed by anyone? If so, don’t even leave the phone on. Turn it off and conserve some of the power. The absolute best way to keep a phone from dying is to shut it off until you’re planning on using it. If you’re going to take a quick nap for about an hour, turn the phone off instead of using the Do Not Disturb feature just to conserve more battery life.

3. Use the low-power setting

Not all phones have the low-power setting, but if you’re the owner of an iPhone, this is a setting you can take advantage of. Low-power mode will prevent automatic downloads from occurring to conserve battery life. Some of the tasks you’d normally be able to do with your phone won’t be possible for you to do until you take the low-power setting off, but it’s still a feasible option when you’re not going to use your smartphone.

4. Leave your phone on silent during the day

If you’re not allowed to use your phone while you’re at work, it makes sense to put it on silent. Not only should you make sure the ringtone won’t go off, but you should make sure it’s completely silenced without any vibrations. If someone calls you repeatedly while you’re at work and your smartphone keeps vibrating, the vibrations are going to drain the life out of your battery over time.

5. Stop overcharging your phone

Many people make the common mistake of constantly charging their phones as soon as they notice the percentage has dropped. Overcharging the phone is not good for the battery. You should start charging it when the percentage drops to around 40% or less. Of course, you can charge it as often as you want to or need to, but never leave it on the charger after the battery life has reached 100%.

These simple tips are worth following if you’re tired of your phone dying on you when you’re out, whether you’re with friends, at work, or even at the gym. Now you can make the battery last a lot longer and worry less about your phone dying when you need it the most.

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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