[Infographic] Here’s what the future of transport looks like in Elon Musk’s world


Elon Musk — the real-life Tony Stark — is here to change the world. This infographic illustrates how one of the world’s most famous engineers is transforming the way we travel, now and in the future.

Musk’s flagship company Tesla Motors’ current fleet of electric cars has three models — the S, X and 3. The Model S was the world’s best-selling electric plug-in vehicle in 2015 and 2016. Not far behind, the impressive Model 3 surpassed 300,000 vehicle sales in February 2018. Musk announced the Tesla Roadster in 2017 and is scheduled for release in 2020. The Roadster aims to be the fastest Tesla car yet, with a top speed of 250+ mph.

But it’s not just our everyday vehicles that Musk wants to change. The arrival of the Tesla Semi in 2019 aims to drastically change how goods are transported across the country. While still a prototype, pre-orders have been put in by massive companies such as UPS and PepsiCo. Trial runs began with real cargo in March 2018.

Continuing his goal of changing the way we commute, Musk founded the Boring Company in 2016. Fed up with his grinding daily commute, Musk envisaged creating a network of underground tunnels, turning 2D traffic problems into 3D flowing traffic. So far, we’ve seen plans for sleds that’ll whisk your car underground at speeds of 125mph, or a mass-transit train that can take passengers.

Although it’s not an original Musk idea, the Hyperloop has now become synonymous with him. This potentially very green mode of transport can work above and below ground and relies on sealed tubes. Through these, a pod can travel free of friction and air resistance, and be able to travel quickly and efficiently.

SpaceX may be Musk’s most ambitious project yet. The success of the Falcon Heavy in early 2018 has shown that partially reusable rockets are viable. This is just the first box ticked in Musk’s plans for SpaceX’s large ambitions – that and sending his own car into space.

So what’s next for the man who sold 20,000 flamethrowers just for fun? “Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon”, he tweeted in April. Not only is he reaching for the stars, but Musk seems to be having the time of his life doing so.


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