[Infographic] How the blockchain can lead to a better you

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We typically think of technology as the thing that is going to lead us to our demise but technology can also be a very good thing used to save us. Technology has given us social media, the double-edged sword that keeps us in touch with distant cousins while simultaneously making us depressed about our lives. It has given us e-learning, which both puts us in touch with massive amounts of information and the ability to learn independently, but which also lacks the traditional rewards of human interaction and payoff that typically are associated with learning. Why can’t we seem to better our lives with technology? There’s something missing, and that something is gamification.

Gamification takes a normal task, like e-learning, and turns it into something that gives us a reward. Gamification on the blockchain has the ability to reward us monetarily or with statuses to make using beneficial applications more rewarding. It’s something that developers are just now starting to tap into to help humans become healthier.

Wellness is difficult to achieve in this fast-paced world we live in, so gamifying healthy behaviors can have a lasting impact on individuals. Meditation, yoga, e-learning, and more can all change your life for the better, and gamifying them helps you to stick with them longer. Blockchain networks can reward users with cryptocurrency for things like quitting smoking, engaging in meditation, getting plenty of exercise, and more. Just think about how many people you know started paying attention to how many steps they were taking each day when pedometers came out and how much more interested they would be if they got paid for it!

Wellness is often a difficult target to hit, and any little bit of extra motivation can help significantly. Learn more about how blockchain is going to revolutionize wellness from this infographic from HighVibeNetwork.



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