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Bethesda teases Fallout 76 ahead of E3


More will be revealed about Fallout 76 at E3 on June 10th during the Bethesda E3 showcase.

The road to E3 is filled with speculation, rumours, and of course, teases. Bethesda is no different and started teasing a new Fallout game with a cryptic tweet yesterday, followed by an official teaser trailer this morning.

While the tweet obviously indicated something Fallout related and initial speculation ranged from a Nintendo Switch port to a remaster and, of course, a new game. The latter was confirmed with a follow-up tweet this morning and the quote “When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled…”

The series has had an avid following since the release of the first game back in 1997. With five main games and three spin-offs, the last installment in the series was released back in 2015. Settings have taken gamers from Southern California to Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Boston. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the game is anchored around the concept of underground shelters dubbed Vaults scattered throughout America.

As in typical teaser fashion, not much is known about the upcoming game. The tagline, however, is completed with “…you must rebuild,” possibly indicating less of a survivor/fighting focus. Based on the title and voice over in the trailer, we also know this latest installment will focus on Vault 76. If the John Denver “Take Me Home, Country Roads” track is another teaser, we can likely assume that Fallout 76 will take place in West Virginia. Not to mention, 76 also has significance as 1776 is the year that the Declaration of Independence was issued…

Bethesda indicated that we’ll find out more on June 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the Bethesda E3 showcase.

What do you think about the teaser trailer for Fallout 76 ahead of E3? Are you looking forward to finding out more about the latest installment in Bethesda’s Fallout series? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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