The Weatherman #1 review: A new series from Image Comics that delivers the sci-fi

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The Weatherman #1 is the first in a new Image Comics ongoing series from writer Jody Leheup with art by Nathan Fox (this could be a great creative team!). This first issue seems to have come out of nowhere and really taken hold for anyone who has read it. I know that the Twitter page for the series followed me and I took a look at their page and then followed them right back. I have to admit, I was intrigued just from the cover page and the summary.

As the story goes, Nathan Bright is the top Weatherman on Mars. He loves his job, he has an awesome dog named Sadie, and he’s just found Amanda, a girl he’d like to see more than just once. Unbeknownst to him, a group of marshals — or maybe bounty hunters — are on his trail because they, and the actual authorities, think that he was the terrorist who committed some horrific event on the Earth that wiped out most its population. Not a bad set up if I do say so myself.

The WeathermanThe first thing that pulls you in is the art. It’s Americana comic book art at its roots but it does run right up and flirt with a very cool manga style. I like some of the straight hard edge lines in the person’s form (hair, shoulders) where you would normally get a soft curve. The style stands out as being unique to the artist, and I like that a lot. As far as translating the writing into visuals, Nathan Fox does a wonderful job of it. When the writing and the artwork gel well together, you feel like you could be in the scene and witnessing the conversation being had. The writing is excellent too. We must highlight that because when you read the words, for me anyway, I get an instant voice that seems just right for each character. If this continues, it may be up there with Saga (Image Comics) which is arguably the BEST comic in production today. That’s the potential I see for The Weatherman. It has the action, the humor, and the characterization all working in harmony on this very first issue!!!

No spoilers but BEWARE… you will get a John Wick moment toward the end and it could possibly peeve you off. I know it struck me and I stopped reading for a moment even. I can see why the moment was made but with a story that is already bringing the reader in and the artwork translating those visuals so well, it is a gut punch. The very best stories do make you “feel” something, so to Jody Leheup’s writing credit and Nathan Fox’s visual credit, you will feel.

Wrap Up

So should you buy this comic? Uh… YES. What are you doing? You just read the above right? Now go buy it!!! I know I’ve already added it to my comiXology subscription list. I’m ready for issue #2 NOW!!!

Last Updated on June 21, 2018.


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