HOW TO: Keep track of your company’s cryptocurrency


When your business operates in digital currency, keeping careful track of your funds is critical to mitigating risk down the road. Because digital cash is decentralized and banks do not monitor its flow, it’s up to the users themselves to do so. Companies using bitcoin, for example, will have a blockchain to record transaction information; the data that is stored remains public, accessible and available for future consumers to add to. Many enterprises find this form of currency useful despite the need to be vigilant because it’s cheaper than transferring actual money and governments can’t take it away.

According to Tech Beacon, it would be valuable for any company using cryptocurrencies to implement an app in their day to day working life where transactions can be saved, managed and traced. Unfortunately, creating a blockchain application from scratch, let alone one that is compatible with mobile remains a grueling task for developers.

The hard work goes into testing and debugging as this software is distributed and runs off multiple computers and devices; it can become time-consuming and expensive. App development giants will typically take on quick projects they know will be immediately profitable. What these businesses need however is to partner with an up and coming development agency that is up for a challenge, that chooses projects based on overall interest and potential impact. Businesses should also choose a developer that thrives on creating meaningful and lasting relationships with clients.

Guaraná Technologies is one innovator in app development that puts great focus on unit testing, debugging as well as user testing once an Android or iOS interface has been designed and coded. Their apps utilize functional testing to alleviate bugs and crashes; through analytics, they’ll also catch deficiencies and eradicate them until your app works seamlessly. This mobile app development company even has internal testers on staff following strict regulations as they engage with your product-in-progress – verifying what works and giving feedback where features can be improved.

Check out this app development blog to learn the ways they have the capacity to take you from the earliest stages of your ideation process, creating a remuneration model and ensuring app feasibility, all the way through to its launch with publishing and maintaining it. They also include robust security features such as making sure user-generated content is locked exclusively in a user-specific account. They will encrypt your communications through your server to prevent against the threat of a hack, and they offer real-time monitoring. They even provide anomaly detection in case of side issues on a server.

Keep track of your cryptocurrency and avoid lost records in the future by commissioning an app for your business that takes care of data entry efficiently. Using an alternative currency can have many benefits; it’s faster to transfer funds, it’s global and it isn’t subject to inflation. All you need to do is put a system in place that allows you to always be in the loop about how it’s being used for your business; contact a leading app developer today to discuss what they can do to help.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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