A guide to available medical virtual reality technology


Do you know how virtual reality technology has changed the lives of medical and IT fields? Find out how it can help you in today’s guide!

Virtual reality technology has reached the mainstream recently with the arrival of consumer-friendly, or affordable headsets. Businesses are keenly using opportunities by making this innovative technology. This isn’t surprising, as it humans the ability to free their mind from the physical limitations of our body and allowing us to “view” places that are only existent in the digital world.

All of this makes virtual reality and its sister tech-augmented reality viable tools for medical practice. Both of them are powerful tools for the tech and especially medical industries where VR will have amounted to the irreplaceable medical equipment in the near future. You can visit this site to see a list of medical equipment that is most frequently used today. Now, here’s an overview of some ways that it’s already being used to improve the lives of these fields.

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PTSD Treatment

Similar to exposure therapy for anxieties and phobia, virtual reality technology can be used to help soldiers who suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Virtual reality has been reported to be used to help in PTSD treatment since 1997, where it was called Virtual Vietnam VR.

Recently, hospitals and clinics used virtual reality simulations for Afghanistan and Iraq to help the veterans, who might still continually experience events that they might have experienced. In this safe environment, they can learn how to spot mental triggers that can cause the destructive behavior to themselves and others.

Pain Management

Burn victims suffer from ongoing pain and need to be cared for immediately. Doctors are planning to make a distraction therapy by creating a virtual reality system that helps them handle the pain.

For instance, the VR game created by the University of Washington called SnowWorld, a game that involved throwing penguins and snowballs, and listening to music artists like Paul Simon, could be used to reduce the pain from physically demanding tasks. It does this by overwhelming the pain pathways in your brain.

In a 2011 study, soldiers who previously suffered from burn injuries found SnowWorld to be more effective than morphine. Thus, the use of virtual reality technology will help in reducing pain in soldiers and injured patients.


Meditation is one treatment process that’s used to treat common anxiety. A new Oculus Rift app called Guided Meditation VR is used to help users take long, meditative breaths by allowing the user’s breath to be the main control for the game.

Through the use of VR technology, meditation apps are consistently being designed to aid one’s mental strength. With these apps, you can learn how to control your breath which helps patients control their emotions during stress.

Prototyping and Design

In a production-driver, manufacturing business, VR allows for every characteristic of the process, mechanism, or part to be stimulated. Reliability and performance can be examined or tested under any situation. This process is more cost-effective, safe, and faster in comparison to traditional methods.

Companies save millions by eliminating the need to create full-scale working prototypes, by creating the initial explored idea through VR. VR technology is currently used for Aircraft design, with Airbus and Boeing both use simulated digital space to create and test new models and new features.


To conclude, we believe that virtual reality technology will help improve businesses in the long term. Not only does it already help hospitals create therapy plans for their patients, but it has also helped with manufacturing and producing new products.

Last Updated on July 6, 2018.


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