[Infographic] Skills of the future: 10 skills you’ll need to thrive in 2020


We’re in the midst of a technological revolution and already we’re on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution. So many things have changed in the way businesses and organizations operate. In fact, reports indicate that by 2020, approximately 5 million jobs will be replaced by automation tools and machines.

The fourth industrial revolution will focus on continuing to innovate the technologies surrounding artificial intelligence, internet of things, self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, renewable technology, quantum computing, biotechnology, and more.

All these innovations are driving change and growth in both the daily lives of individuals and the day-to-day operations of businesses. With all this technology in place, the skills required from workers are changing. As such, it’s crucial to know and understand the skills required for the new age of work.

Just imagine. By 2020, the most in-demand job would be in data analytics—a job that can’t be performed by a regular joe. With the amount of data going around nowadays, being a data analytics professional requires specific skill sets combined with a well-harnessed human intuition.

In an era where machines are largely replacing human labor, “human skills” have become increasingly significant. Despite the fact that AI, machine learning, and automation software is now available to make business processes more efficient, no machine can ever replace human intuition and critical thinking.

That’s most likely why creative problem solving is at the top of the most essential skills of the future. A man can look at problems from various perspectives and think outside the box. A man can also criticize situations and weigh them against societal ethics, norms, and principles.

Creative problem solving and critical thinking are valuable skills to have in the future, especially when you have to make sense of huge amounts of data, control machines, and software, and enhance business processes and products.

While the concept that machines will one day replace humans, it may actually be the other way around. Machines and software help humans automate repetitive, mundane tasks. However, they will never replace creative thinking and intuition.

Check out this infographic by Guthrie-Jensen Consultants that delves into the top 10 skills you will need to thrive in 2020, as well as information about the most in-demand jobs.

Skills of the Future 10 Skills Youll Need to Thrive in 2020 Infographic

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